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  1. kp420

    editor commands

    simply this ,what are the commands inside game editor commands, ive /editmap,/mapedit and ect, ect with everthing else npc and items maybe include a help file with this engine
  2. kp420

    gimp issues

    yeah I got it ty, fyi to anyone new you have to change gimps file from .zml to .png and export
  3. kp420

    gimp issues

    hay guys I was trying to edit the colors of my sprites using gimp 2.8 the sprites are png and the programs is suppose to open these but it does not recognize these png's files does anyone have gimp exp or is there a another way to do this ?
  4. kp420

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1200 Tracks

    how about some sword and punching sfx under combat. but great site
  5. kp420

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1200 Tracks

    do i have to convert this to something else cause the sys wont recognize these?
  6. kp420

    Quick Sprite Character Generator

    its good except girl dolls don't have any options
  7. kp420

    guide for random damage numbers

    where do i change that at?
  8. can some tell me how to get damage to randomly show (exa min 1-max 10)
  9. kp420

    music, npc sprites

    so I got some some music ,do I have to convert them to something else cause the server don't recoize them?
  10. kp420

    music, npc sprites

    ty for the sites
  11. kp420

    music, npc sprites

    any other sources for sfx and music?
  12. kp420

    HP and Mana stats via Equipment

    when you make a item, there is stats down below and to the left on how this armor or weapon affect the player
  13. kp420

    music, npc sprites

    hay guys, I have rpg maker xv and mv and bought a few sprites , music packages I was wonder is it possible to use those music files , sfx and sprites here?
  14. kp420


    murdoc reg pixels that this engine can support, I tried to edit the ones I have but when I delete the bg it deletes the whole thing
  15. kp420


    can someone plz make small coin piles ,copper , silver , and gold. pretty please