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Ascension Z


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Hi guys!

So I thought it was time to make a post about my project Ascension Z based on DBZ.

I have some really great ideas for the project and thanks to JC and Joe I am able to build the game with the new Intersect Engine which is just awesome!


My plan is to have the series bosses scattered all over the world that will need to be taken on in groups. I am also hoping for a faction system in which I will create earth for the typical heroes like Sayains and my thought is to have another full world for the Freiza race. At some level you will gain access to ships to land on each others planets which will become a PVP paradise as well as offering some quests along the way.

These screens are early versions of some of the maps that are WIP so improvements will be made :)




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This looks like you are getting off to a great start Whitespirits!Β  I was personally never into the DBZ series, so I have no idea about the gfx, but IMO it looks good ;)

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