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Black widow spider


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42 minutes ago, Weylon Santana said:

I've been observing your graphics, you could create a unique topic here in Resources, something like "PinkAngel's Graphs" and update periodically whenever you make new graphics. Its a good idea, and j love all, its a lot realistic


I never actually thought about that but maybe you are right, that would be a good idea to have my own topic as I am currently working on many more graphics to share. I just really want to move away from using rpgmaker graphics.. Now to get someone to make a topic for me

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54 minutes ago, Mighty Professional said:

black spider on a black background, cannot see?

um, yea, sorry about that, its that image hosting company that did it, I tried to upload it directly from my pc to this post but it gave some kind of error saying i was only allowed to upload 20 kb but i don't get that, this is just a normal sprite sheet


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