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Class Development


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Decided I would share this excel file. I created myself awhile back for use with Intersects static progression system, helps out with seeing how the percentage rates affect the overall progress of character development. I Have split the this into three sheets, fairly self explanatory.


First Sheet is for calculating only a base rate of progression where you only give the class a set amount of Stats to distribute from the start only.

While the second sheet calculates the rates along with possible distribution of points the player would likely choose if the classes gained a set amount of points to distribute per level gain. This can also help the developer in trying to figure out the stats for a mob and the possible exp reward on kill.


The final sheet is the data for the advance classes, this excel file is set to have 3 job advances. But you can also just default the advances to a single job if all you have is one job advance instead of multiple ones.


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Yea, tried to make it as simple but professional as possible to follow.


The Advance class fields in Sheets 1 and 2 are drop downs, that take information from a range of data from sheet 3.


DATA & Classes is for the first set, used in the second sheet. The first sheet takes data from DATA2 and Classes2.


Fairly easy to add more classes and information by just doing a google search on how to edit "excel data ranges". Far easier to search for how to include more classes in the drop downs than me trying to explain lol.

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There are no words to describe how amazing you and your mind are. I did almost the same thing as the first sheet for me, I just did not sketch everything with you, it gave me a headache, I imagine it for you. Exploring this area I found that the xp max of the intersect is 2 billion and a few million. And that it is possible to reach this xp without reaching the maximum level. You made it to level 100. It's amazing. I had to calculate everything until level 200, with 9% of xp, it only goes up to level 197 in my project. After that, it only goes from level to event.

I think you could upload this file in the forum download session, it could be of great help to everyone in the future, why this post will be seen and after a while it would go out of sight (people would have to search exactly for this), already in the download session, it would always be there, many people visit this area looking for something.

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There's some typos and it is pretty complicated.

But, when we focused on it, and understand the principle, it is powerful ! We can preview the max values at level 100 on each stats and exp.

It should be nice to do the "speed" section in the Basic Class IDP and CPD sheets.


There's one thing I really don't understand: What use should we make for the "Adv. Class" sheet ?


Good job.

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33 minutes ago, IceBlack said:

There's some typos and it is pretty complicated


This is inherently a complicated subject, so that can only be helped so much. But if you point out typos I'm sure aidan can fix them up and re-upload for everyone else :) 

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3 hours ago, jcsnider said:


This is inherently a complicated subject, so that can only be helped so much. But if you point out typos I'm sure aidan can fix them up and re-upload for everyone else :) 

As I said, at first, it is complicated (of course, it talks about a complicated subject). But after being put in, we realize how much this is powerful.



First, I'm french so I also do mistakes and some of the typos given below may be false and I could miss a few.


For the typos, I will give them from first comments (top) to last comments (bottom) for each sheets.


- In first sheet "Basic Class (IDP Only)":

-> "Enter your informationS" (I'm not sure about this one, but there're many informations? My native language can play me tricks :))

-> "for at the [first] level [1]" (I prefer "first level" instead of "level 1" but it's good :P)

-> ". Afterwards" (well, it's not a typo but the punctuation is invalid) (I also prefer "Then" instead of "Afterwards", it's better known)

-> "When aLLocating Points"

The "points distributions" comment is very complicated to understand. I think we can make this more understandable and shorter. I would have written (say me if I didn't understand ^^) :

"This system don't take into account the earnings points after the first level. Indeed, all stats are automatically calculated according to the first ones. So you can ONLY change first values."


- In the second sheet "Basic Class (CDP)":

-> "Percentages below 10% will not result in a gain if the stats are less than 10." (In fact, your sentence is correct, but I find that my sentence is clearer ;))

-> "Enter your informationS" (well, I'm really not sure about this one!)

-> "for at the [first] level [1]"

-> "When aLLocating Points"

-> "So you will get accurate calculations."

-> "These amounts are added to the base percentages." instead of "Amounts are additive of base percent!" (It's clearer)


- In the last sheet "Adv. Class" (I really don't understand its utility and how to use it :( ):

-> "statS conversion"

-> " to the Intersect's stats" instead of "to the stats Intersect uses"

-> "can be interpreted however you want to"

-> "Enter point perEcentage"

-> "for advanceD classes"

-> "perspective respective gains"



Well, as I said, I don't mastering english so mistakes in my eyes may not be mistakes. Also my native language and its different syntax affect me. So, please, double check what I said.


Again, THANKS for the resource, it helped me a lot !


PS: Could you explain me the utility of the last sheet, how to use it and under what circumstances? Thank you.

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Last sheet is for data only for job advancement. Example: Fighter can advance to either Squire(defense class) or Warrior(DPS Role), from either of those two trees they can advance again to a more powerful version of the original class; Squire -> Knight ->Sentinal, or Warrior -> Gladiator -> Blade Master.


Both Basic IPD & CDP use the job advancement at levels 10, 40 & 75. Marked in Orange on the Level Column, the dark grey boxes mark where the job advancements new percentages take over(which is a total added from the base percentages at level 1).



Basic Class (CDP) gains are:

HP - 10%, MP - 10%, Atk - 2%, M-Atk - 2%, Def - 2%, M-Def - 2%.

Adv. Class Squire gains are:

HP - 0%, MP - 0%, Atk - 1%, M-Atk - 1%, Def - 3%, M-Def - 1%.

With the formula it adds Base + Adv Class to equal a new percentage gain at level up past Level 10.


The New Value for a Player choosing Squire as its Level 10 Class is now: 

HP - 10%, MP - 10%, Atk - 3%, M-Atk - 3%, Def - 5%, M-Def - 3%.


Say Player One, grinds till Level 10 which is the cap for the basic class. Player One is a Fighter and decides they want to be DPS instead of a Tank, they talk to an NPC that can change their job to a Warrior(here you either require them to do a series of quests to unlock the ability to advance to a Warrior or have the NPC change the players class immediately). Player One is now a Warrior at Level 10, so when they now try to level and hit 11 the stat gains are now affected by the Adv. Class Warrior instead of the Fighter class.


In the end you can either have multiple class changes, or have one or none at all. To have no class changes, alter all the values in the Adv. Class sheet for Squire to 0. Afterwards for the Adv Class drop-downs select Squire, that is so the level progression is still set to the base rates.

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