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Graphics 16x16 Pixel Art


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So I started spriting again for a personal project of mine, and the target is 16x16 art. Currently I'm working on the basic nude humanoid sprite, but once I've completed that I'll start work on some other things. Any and all feedback would be appreciated for this, whether it be the shading of an individual pixel, the amount of time per frame, or more encompassing critique.

As of 7/12, I have the upward and downward facing sprites for both walking and idle (200ms/frame for walking, 500ms/frame for idle).


While I'm pretty sure nobody will bother trying to use or ask to use the graphics I post here for feedback, these graphics are not to be used if it weren't abundantly clear from the presence of identification marks on the images.

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Guest SherwiN

Impressive.. Wanna see some armored one


I always sprite on 16x16 rather than 32x32 then just scale the sprite on program, so that will reduce the file size of the image and load faster and look more pixelated game :D

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Looks really nice for me, also I like the animation movement. 

Maybe you could accentuate better the brightness in relation to the other shades (or vice versa), but it'd be just a style decision.

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