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Some questions



1. How do I access the account database? Like when you sign up to login to edit where is that account information stored? Can we edit it? And say change a players level or something?


2. Has anyone tried hooking up a game made from this engine to a website and server thats not their own computer?


3.  Is there a dedicated art resource that is allowed by the author to be re-distributeable? 


4. Why does this project seem dead? What is needed for quicker development of the engine? Money? Time? More people?


5. Are there any games currently out now that are made from this engine that are not what i'll call "early access"?


6. Is any part of this engine ripped from another engine as in the code or anything else?


7. Who made/owns this? Just a independent guy or a company as in a registered LLC?


8. Is any of this software trademarked or copyrighted in any way? (legally as in papers?) would the creator think that is something they would want to do?


9.  Has anyone made money from anything having to do with this engine or games from it? Obviously without using copyright protected images/resources.


10. What is the engine creators overall opinion of using his engine for commercial games or games that would make cash profit? Paid fee for using? Free? 


11. Who is JC Snider? As in C:\Users\JC Snider\Desktop\AGD\Intersect-Engine\? 


12. How many people on here are pretty "experienced" with using this engine and creating original art resources for it?


13. How does one get in contact with the owner/creator? 



I know lots of odd questions. I'm not a bad guy. 

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1. download a database editing program called "db browser lite"

2. Look at Arcwyre and some other projects.

3. There are many free resources distributed in the resources section but currently we're doing a fundraiser for some of our members to make us some free to use graphics right now. Funded by donations. See here:

4. No. We keep explaining this time and time again we are all busy with real life deadlines right now, I believe the other 2 devs have work deadlines and I myself am just over 1 week away from my university finals. Sadly we can't commit more time to this since it isn't sustainable for us to work on this full time. In the summer development will pick up again, donations would be nice perks especially since I plan to be learning to drive this summer and that all has to be funded somehow either by the site or by a summer job.

5. Arcwyre and Nightmare will be soon.

6. No.

7. Myself and @jcsnider. @SPQR Panda has also recently joined the team

8. Client under MIT. Server and editor under GNU.

9. Not yet, we're still in the early stages of our life as a site and engine

10. Free with ingame purchasables.

11. One of the 3 devs.

12. People are still learning it but aside from the devs there are some experienced users 

13. Sup'

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1, there is a db editor I think.


2, there is a way to tie it to a website to register etc , its somewhere on the forum.


3, default resources are being made.


4, its most certainly not dead, its just a not payed thing, so it comes and goes with progress.


5, nope.


6, everything is coded from scratch.


7, jc and kibz are the coders, so the owners.


8, its released under mit license I think.


9, not as far as I know.


10, you can do wtf you want basicly.


11, jc snider is the main coder of the  engine, together with kibbelz


12, we are still learning it all.


13, just post here I guess? they will read this post too :P

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