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Hey everyone, so this is the updated version on my hiring post. I decided I'm gonna continue doing extra work around the community for anyone who's offering any work for 20$ or more, the work helps me with my entertainment budget instead of taking it out of my usual check. So, This is now an official on going thing from me. He is the work I do:


I primarily work in C++.

I am also very familiar with C#, that being said, I also do work In visual basics.Net.

I'm fair at security testing if you need me to write any hacks, cheats, or server crashes for your game so you can try to patch them. I've had a couple people ask me for that already.
I am a software engineer as my actual job, I'm free to work most nights, just not Tuesdays. If you in box me, I will reply to you, usually within the same day. I am not looking for a full position on anyone's team, this is all simply commission work.

I charge half in before source editing and half after. This is due to people sending me work, and deciding they don't want it done later.

Please inbox me a full description of what you need done and I will reply with a quote.


Edit: I no longer offer source edits to Orion+

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4 minutes ago, Chief said:

Dyldo2 is the best programmer I know. If funds weren't so tight right now (just dropped 3k on adult bills and car things), I would totally hire him.

Thanks chef <3

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@JimmyJumpdrive Can you do any sprite work? How much you charge for Encryption System?

I'm in horrible need of a spriter and won't need the encrpytion to next month so no luck on helping at moment unless spriting can be done.

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