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Graphics My first attempt as a spriter/animator


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Hi everyone!

While I'm waiting for some sprites sheets that I ordered to a 'professional spriter' for my game, I decided to try creating my own works, just to try. This is the first time I make a sprite and an animation.

Look out for comments  :)





First character prototype for my game.


Niño Caminando 01.gif

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It's pretty good dude! For your first try it's really really well. The only thing that I notice needs help off the bat is the feet, which are always hard to create. Feet are round, I'd remove a few pixels or maybe just one from the very bottom of the foot to make it round.  I think it's a little wierd how the crease in his pants comes and goes as he walks, but it makes sense. Maybe tone the color down just a bit so it's not such a difference.


For your beginning steps, congratulations you did real well! The hair, eyes, and especially the fluent movement you all nailed! Even the tie movement is real good. 

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