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[WIP] Aincrad 2D


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Hello AGD community, today I will be giving some information about the new ORPG game Aincrad 2D, that I have been working on for quite some time. My project started, unfortunately, as a RuneScape Private Server, in which I attempted to take the game and recreate it into something 100% new. I lasted about a year with that, when I stumbled upon the Intersect Engine. I instantly fell in-love with the engine, and have since decided to sway from RSPS completely, and work on my own legitimate and legal 2D ORPG. I know the risks of starting progress on an aspiring full-fledged ORPG with an unfinished game engine but, I have so much confidence in the Intersect team that I am willing to dive right in and get to work. Now, about Aincrad 2D.


Basic Information


Aincrad 2D will be an online role playing game build around concepts taken from some of my favorite MMORPG games, set in a new and exciting world. It will features cities, towns, quests, dungeons, and potentially mini-games for the community to take part in and enjoy. 


Players will also be able to take part in:

  • Collecting Resources
  • Crafting Items
  • Player vs Players Battles
  • Global Community Events

Main Cities

  • Westham
    • Westham is the very first city you will enter after completion of the Aincrad tutorial. There will be a few novice quests to complete in this area, as well as plenty of monsters to battle and train upon.
  • Irongate
    • Irongate is the trade capital of Aincrad. Here you will find a plethora of shops to purchase all kinds of equipment.
  • Millfort
    • Millfort is a military town. Here you will find a mighty castle filled with knights.
  • Eastern Hinterlands
    • Eastern Hinterlands is a desert region where you will find a small desert town. These lands are vastly troubled with Desert Warriors who dislike all outsiders.


  • Oakentown
    • Oakentown is a small town just west of Westham. Here you will find a small market with a couple of odds and ends for purchase.
  • Castletide
    • Castletide is a town just ourside of Millfort. It is home to rogues plotting the distruction of Millfort, so enter here with caution!
  • Baredale
    • Baredale is located west of Irongate. It rests on the edge of the wilderness where the lands are filled with countless monsters.
  • Eagletown
    • Eagletown is just west of Oakentown. It's a small mining town which is home to multiple mining nodes. It also hosts the Crafters Guild.



No dungeons have been created yet. Once the ground world has been completed, we will embark on the journey of creating vast dungeons for our players to explore and conquer.



Currently there are no quests developed. Once the world has been completed, we will embark on the journey of creating quests for our players to partake in.



Aincrad Tutorial Land (based off Ambard's mapping tutorial, will be changed)




World Map (Unfinished - Currently features Westham)





Small Snippet of a concept taken from RuneScape (wheat to flour) 

Sprites used in this video are place holders for future sprites. (Bucket, Pot, and Pot of Flour sprites are all property of JaGeX Ltd.)





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24 minutes ago, Essence said:

Nice looking project you got here. However I tried to join the discord via your website but the link expired :P Anyway, best of luck.


Haha, sorry, I thought I had it ticked to not expire. Here is a new link



It's been updated on the forums as well. Thanks for letting me know!

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10 hours ago, Refur said:

Maybe you could  try to add more details to your maps :rolleyes:.

Keep working, your game looks nice ;)


I have just scrapped my previous map and am building with new tilesets. I'm always game for some critique. More details such as what?


This is what the new world looks like so far.




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6 minutes ago, Gallus said:

I have just scrapped my previous map and am building with new tilesets. I'm always game for some critique. More details such as what?


Maybe you could try to add variations to the grass, It is to plain. Example:


As you can see, this map have not only a plain grass, It has flowers, some larg grass, parts with ground, etc.
Apart of this, I feel your map has to much space between every object, try to fill more those gaps and make It more congruent.

Well, it's only an advice ^_^


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