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Guest SherwiN
(Logo created by Corey/yeroC)
Got tired of a Turn-Based Pokemon Game? PokeNew will give you a new experience about Pokemon game which you get to control your own pokemon and battle wild pokemon you encounter on maps, explore the wide and new area. Start from your very own hometown , Pallet Town, and hone your skills and strategy to proceed to the next region
Game Style
Unlike your other Pokemon Game, which is a Turn Based strategy game, PokeNew's battle style is real time
When you release your pokemon outside the map, the control will be switch to the pokemon and you can freely control your pokemon and also use it's moves



Forum: PokeNew
Note: We are currently accepting some participant for the Closed Beta test this comming December
Please check this topic for more info: Closed Beta
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So if you start out in pallet town does that mean this is set in the kento region? I've always wanted to see a fan made Pokémon game that had its own custom and unique region but people always use regions from the games... :(


other then that the game sounds like it could be pretty good. I'll keep an eye on this. 

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@Zetasis we stopped development MONTHS and MONTHS ago to let Sherwin come up with a whole new engine, and its finally complete. Prior, we were keeping the same names for towns but the appearance is totally different. It will pretty much be kanto names and how it goes linearlly (I.E, you go to Viridian Forest to get to Pewter City) but the appearance of the map will have little to no similarity. I can only speak for this so much, we JUST started development again and I haven't had a good chance to talk to Sherwin. 

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Guest SherwiN

Full Name can be Optional if you will also join the release of the game, Closed Beta tester will be given a special gift as a reward for testing

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