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When should intersect stop updating?


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I mean, if a game has altered source code that's the prerogative of the developers for it, but it's not like the engine is going to be perfect at "2.0", there will always be more improvements that JC can make, and maybe he will even want to make major changes.

It's not like because a game that was designed for Unreal 3 had source modifications that Epic shouldn't have made Unreal 4 because not all of their games could be automatically updated like games that didn't change the source.

Basically, this seems like a totally useless debate and I'm not sure why you're trying to declare something finished at a specific version number when you don't even have control authority over the source code, and it's not even released yet. :/

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Well I think Phenomenal try to know what will be the end of the "real" update of intersect (no fix maj). Cause the engine will need to have a end of new feature to add. 


What we know the engine will have at the releash:


- Admin panel

- Spell (player and NPC)

- Other thing for NPC

- Resource

- Console command

- Event editor

- Day/night system

- Trade

- Chatbubbles

- Projectile

- Bluff transformation

- Craft system

- Parties

- Quests

- Multiscreen resolution

- FPS lock

- Fullscreen

- Multi-language


It's more complete than many other engine that they were in v2 and more. Just now the engine could create a pretty complete game (without all the fix and all).


After all we are not the intersect engine creators, but I don't think their goal is to create an engine who create a 100% complete game for the persons who use it.

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Well, as one of the developers let me share what will happen to Intersect, yes we do plan for the end of the roadmap release to be a "final release" for Intersect alongside later bugfixes, future optimisations as the times move on and potential feature requests that benefit the majority of developers and not just a minority. We've stated many times before, Intersect will not be a "clutter fuck" engine, we plan for it to be an optimised baseline for you guys to develop your games. We also do not wish to program everything for you as all we'll see pop up are clone games. The old farts like me who've been around from the EE and ES days remember the RPGMAKER XP graphic style that every game used and each game was a clone of the next. We do not wish for that to happen with Intersect and hope that we can get some real variety in our games. A good example of features we will not be doing is Mounts, as requested here in another topic:

Sure, mounts are a nice feature, however not everyone will use them, nor have the graphics to support this feature.


I hope this gets the point across.


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