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  1. Yeah. There must have been a file from previous versions it didnt like.
  2. Downloaded prerelease 7.0. Found that the previous files I was trying to save were causing the issue.
  3. After deleting it I was able to open the editor. After closing the editor I tried re-opening and the error message came up again.
  4. You want me to delete the file? There is nothing on it.
  5. Was able to open the editor once, after that, this is the message and code that is displayed.
  6. Hey. Been sending you $5.00 USD every month. Just wondering why my server is offline. Thank you

    1. jcsnider


      Rarely I have to take the main server offline for maintenance. When that happens servers are set to an offline state. (Some people intentionally have their servers off during testing periods.)


      It can be turned on in the console by clicking the Start button:



      I'm turning yours on now. Sorry about that.

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