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  1. (BR) Fantasy Online MMORPG2d

    Ta indo Weylon.. ta indo... to só esperando o Jcsnider corrigir uns bugs da Intersect pra ver de colocar Online denovo ...
  2. Respawn common event not working

    all common events doesn't work in that version of intersect, we need to wait for beta 5...
  3. Hello everyone , my quest is quite simple , in my project players have issue with Players Killers and that can be a problem in the future, since i noticed that Guard NPC doesn't work i came to here, there's a way to do an system to prevent that? with common events or simple events? any ideas? Thanks in advance. <3 God bless.
  4. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Every Projectile even of the dont have 'grapple hook' selected still teleporting players to hit point of that projecttile. My archers now are like Indiana Jones... version 4.2 ///////////
  5. (BR) Fantasy Online MMORPG2d

    Acompanhem as atualizações na página! Obrigado. Página do Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fantasyonlinemmo/ Sobre o Jogo: Em um mundo fictício você se encontra na era medieval se vendo acordando em um navio que transportava peixe com uma tripulação, é aí que o jogo começa. Você pode explorar livremente o mundo ao seu redor em um mapa Open World. Suba de nível e enfrente outros jogadores em duelos, mas lembre-se, sempre que morrer perderá todos os seus itens, restando só o nível, o personagem e suas magias/habilidades. Espero que divirtam-se. Status do Servidor: OFFLINE ATUALIZANDO Engine usada: Intersect 4.2 ////////////////////////////////////////////// Oquê há de novo? • Agora você pode ter 3 personagens por conta. • Sistema de Montaria adicionada (Cavalo). • 10 Classes disponíveis para escolher liberadas no Nível 10. • Mapa atualizado. • NPC's atualizados. • Classes balanceadas. • Magias atualizadas. • Itens atualizados. • Sistema de Transformações atualizado (Druida não buga mais, se Deus quiser). • Drop de itens ao morrer. Se o jogador morrer todos os itens em seu personagem cairão no chão até que alguém ou o próprio jogador pegue. • Sistema de Craft atualizado. • Exp Balanceada. ///////Classes Disponíveis//////// • Guerreiro • Mago • Arqueiro • Clérigo • Necromante • Viking • Ninja • Druida • Lanceiro //////////////////////////////////////////////// Espero que se divirtam, qualquer dúvida ou bug por favor comentem NESTE POST aqui.
  6. How to do an Event on Player's Death?

    Thanks *-* +1 <3 @Edit 25/08 I tried to do like you nut i still back to the spawn point on class editor....print ;-; cry
  7. Please guys, i need to do an event when Player die's in game to teleport him to other map (not the first spawn map)...I tried open common event put "on respawn'' trigger and "conditional branch, players death" if > warp player, else > warp player... any idea? Printscreen:
  8. Transform doesn't work

    @jcsnider when beta 4.2 comes up?
  9. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// When i use "Fill' in Map Editor my client stop working...but only in the new map, if i open the edtor again and try again works normally... In the last version (3.1) i dont have that problem 'cause i needed just click in "fill layer" and "yes", now this have changed to click before click in fill... no sense. Please help.
  10. How to make a Level Up event?

    Thanks guys <3 *-* @Edit 25/08 Guys i tried but doesn't work.. pls help
  11. How to make a Level Up event?

    Hello eveyone my question is quite simple, i make a class called ''adventurer'' and i need to know if it is possible to make that player ''adventurer'' get an event when he gets level 10, for example: an player gets level 10 and shows up on his screen "Congrats, u reach level 10, now u can choose one of that Classes to become". Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  12. Intersect Beta 4 Released!

    i followed, but doesn't matter now, im already exporting my maps to clean beta 4
  13. Intersect Beta 4 Released!

    i tried to do upgrade instalation, all okay until then i started my client and the client stop working, nice, i'll try clean instalation now and export my maps to them...
  14. Beta 4+ Suggestions/Pseudo-Bugs (for me)

    Use one spell only if the players is certain Sprite,for creators do unique spells on certain transformations ... Don't do damage in party friends with Spells ... Add hold E for attack to players can't press E everytime ... Add other hotkey to pickup itens on the ground, like SPACEBAR idk... everytime i pick one item i kill one of my teammates or waste one arrow for example ... There's a bug as well on Type of Map (Normal, Arena, PVP) that creator can't change the type of map after certain time the map has been created. I think that's all we need to do a good gameplay ... Thanks in advance.
  15. Well since Intersect Beta 4 not comes out here it goes my suggestion, i already support an online game with Intersect 3.1 and i noticed that when players are on Party together all the spells on AoE does damage at the party friend, please i ask to you guys to change that to not do damage to your party friends! i don't know about the exp-share but if can be modify to get 50% of exp for each player 'll be great as well! Like if NPC gives 100 exp, so have 2 players on party each of then get 50 of exp, i think its a basic and good effective calculate, thanks in advance. Good Lucky to all creators. (Random Image of my Project)