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  1. My question is quite simple, how can i make my intersect project only shows rosolutions 4:3 for players for example? ex: resolution max is 1024xXXXX, then the other resolutions doens't appears for player to click in options section... what file should i edit? Thanks for help!
  2. i get it, json files can edit the UI elements... thank you <3 @edit 10/03/19 even with that <!-- Heart Symbol --> <CharacterRegion> <Start>&#x2665;</Start> <End>&#x2665;</End> </CharacterRegion> <<(i put that line on every font file then rebuild all ok, put on the folder then replaced) it seens not changed, it can't appear the heart ♥ in the opened client...gg maybe when source comes out i can make that i even tried to change the holl font with one named 'Cloud' that have that heart symbol ♥ in vanilla, like Arial, but even with that, in game client appears only that strange square sad
  3. i did everything but only that i write on the chat changed, the event box text doesn't change only with source maybe? @edit ok trying to change the sourcesanspro got stuck what im doing wrong? the problack work normally, but only the problack version still doesn't show a heart symbol on the game... @edit2 i found the issue, i have to install the sans pro font then change the name from the spritefont files GG
  4. how do i add (♥) symbol in sourcesansproblack? since the beta 6 doesn't change the sourcesansproblack font from the UI, even changing the config.json @edit ok after 12 hours i got it, i won the tutorial now why i can't change the game ui font? only chat text
  5. yeah, right, i understand nothing from this
  6. at Intersect i was thinking that if i change the ui and gamefont for the one who haves the character i need (♥), but when i change the line nothing happens, online the balooms font that really change, and that tutorial from Jc from 2016 it's too much complicated, i can't understand nothing how to change font Client and Editor\resources\config.json { "Host": "localhost", "Port": 5400, "GameFont": "notosansui", <<<<<<<<<<< "UIFont": "notosansui", <<<<<<<<<< "ChatLines": 100, "MenuMusic": "Gentle-Closure.ogg", "MenuBackground": "background.png", "IntroImages": [] } how can i change the font? is there any video tutorial or something?...
  7. i tried to put a ''alt+3'' symbol: ♥ for my game features, however at the game it does feels right, how can i change certain characters on game's font? sorry bad english im from brazil please help!!
  8. Sim Mombi, deves seguir a página: https://facebook.com/fantasyonlinemmo
  9. How do i do to set a switch in a spell traansformation? i dont wanna my players to get 50 tranforms at the same time to get 999stats + pls help
  10. any way to make ''tab''' select from more distance? i mean not every classe are meelee to target body-to-body
  11. in that version is possible to make transformation only 1 actived per time?
  12. have a system to when player log in after server crashes the npc's attack him to death even before he seen whats happenin? i mean npcs even aggros can avoid player recently logged
  13. hmmm should i expected that in Brazil the ping is 150~200ms but the server runs smooth?with little lag spykes? is that worth it? or better to contact a vps brazilian service? I would like to hire a intersect hosting sulitions 'cause of the server will be online 24/7d, hosting myself server always crash and i have to re-open sometime...
  14. ok i did this in spawn/execution conditions i did nothing but its only switching one time as well... (its 2 switches 'cause is one for quest take and another to quest completed) i did something wrong? or that means intersect can't handle a daily quest? @jcsnider
  15. Hello guys So, i was trying to do a Daily Quest system to my project but i can't make it... i created a repeatable quest in "on quest completion" i put a reward page 1 and put a switch1 = true so in page 2 i wanna put to reset that switch in 00h so i put condit if time is between 12am to 6 am then > switch false the problem is that the switch is nothing switching to false on 00h, what do i did wrong?
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