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  1. daviih123

    Only 1 Transform per time

    How do i do to set a switch in a spell traansformation? i dont wanna my players to get 50 tranforms at the same time to get 999stats + pls help
  2. daviih123

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    any way to make ''tab''' select from more distance? i mean not every classe are meelee to target body-to-body
  3. daviih123

    Intersect Beta 5 Released!

    in that version is possible to make transformation only 1 actived per time?
  4. daviih123

    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    have a system to when player log in after server crashes the npc's attack him to death even before he seen whats happenin? i mean npcs even aggros can avoid player recently logged
  5. hmmm should i expected that in Brazil the ping is 150~200ms but the server runs smooth?with little lag spykes? is that worth it? or better to contact a vps brazilian service? I would like to hire a intersect hosting sulitions 'cause of the server will be online 24/7d, hosting myself server always crash and i have to re-open sometime...
  6. daviih123

    Daily Quest Issue (pls help)

    ok i did this in spawn/execution conditions i did nothing but its only switching one time as well... (its 2 switches 'cause is one for quest take and another to quest completed) i did something wrong? or that means intersect can't handle a daily quest? @jcsnider
  7. Hello guys So, i was trying to do a Daily Quest system to my project but i can't make it... i created a repeatable quest in "on quest completion" i put a reward page 1 and put a switch1 = true so in page 2 i wanna put to reset that switch in 00h so i put condit if time is between 12am to 6 am then > switch false the problem is that the switch is nothing switching to false on 00h, what do i did wrong?
  8. daviih123

    Paperdoll priority sprite?

    it works <3 thanks !! since you are here, explain me one thing please? i see that in your project you put a slot for ring and other stuff, how you put that? in your game appears new windows in ''character equipament'' when you change that .xml? 'cause on mine its only helmet, armor, weapon, shield and boots...
  9. daviih123

    Paperdoll priority sprite?

    I see @defaultx, here is the paperdoll: https://prnt.sc/l0czr1 on that sprite set: https://prnt.sc/l0czsb is that right?
  10. daviih123

    Paperdoll priority sprite?

    Hello guys! So, i was thinking in make some Wings paperdoll in my game, right, i put the Wing on Helmet Slot, but i have an issue when character moving up, down the image can explain more... image: https://prnt.sc/l0cec1 okay, how u can see, when character in down everything is alright, same at when he's right or left side, but when it goes up, the Armor comes up to the Wing, i dont like that, i put on helmet 'cause i think helmet stays over armor, i want the wing to stays over the armor not armor over the wing (when character is up) i know that i need to edit server/resources/config.xml file, but what line do i change? and what i need to change? im confused 'cause i was thinking the helmet always came on top, but it seens is not like that... Please someone help!! thanks in advance... (if u know how to do that please post a printscreen of what my config.xml needs to look like) Sorry for bad english, im from Brazil...
  11. daviih123

    PK System?

    Hello guys, i dont know if someone already spot this feature here in the fórum ('cause have a lot of topics) but I think if a PK System is possible, i mean if someone kills another, maybe should appears a Icon under his nickname (like a skull) and change color to "red", and if it is possible put for ADM to choose how many kills turn certain player into PK, 1kill streak, 2, 3..etc. Maybe in beta 5? +_+ That's my suggestion, sorry for bad english <3 and thanks
  12. daviih123

    Reset Status points?

    Is there a way in last version of intersect to reset status points distribuited from players? with event or some else? maybe in future versions if not? ...... thanks <3
  13. daviih123

    Daily Quest is possible?

    Is there a way to make some quests on event/quest system for example: you can 3 quests only every 24 hours, then can do it again. (?) Thanks in advance <3
  14. Hello guys, well i have a host VPS on my intersect server but when i wake up today my server was offline (normal intersect server error) so i open the server again in the VPS to stand online...ans this appears: http://prntscr.com/kiqfy6 how to proceed? ? yesterday was normal...online and working pls helpp!! the problem is not with the VPS, everything is normal and i reboot the vps several times before ask here. @edit it seens like its back to normal
  15. daviih123

    Paperdoll and Weapon Confusion

    where is the local of the config Kasplant? i don't get it