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  1. i get it, json files can edit the UI elements... thank you <3 @edit 10/03/19 even with that <!-- Heart Symbol --> <CharacterRegion> <Start>&#x2665;</Start> <End>&#x2665;</End> </CharacterRegion> <<(i put that line on every font file then rebuild all ok, put on the folder then replaced) it seens not changed, it can't appear the heart ♥ in the opened client...gg maybe when source comes out i can make that i even tried to change the holl font with one named 'Cloud' that have that heart symbol ♥ in vanilla, like Arial, but even with that, in game client appears only that strange square sad
  2. i did everything but only that i write on the chat changed, the event box text doesn't change only with source maybe? @edit ok trying to change the sourcesanspro got stuck what im doing wrong? the problack work normally, but only the problack version still doesn't show a heart symbol on the game... @edit2 i found the issue, i have to install the sans pro font then change the name from the spritefont files GG
  3. how do i add (♥) symbol in sourcesansproblack? since the beta 6 doesn't change the sourcesansproblack font from the UI, even changing the config.json @edit ok after 12 hours i got it, i won the tutorial now why i can't change the game ui font? only chat text
  4. yeah, right, i understand nothing from this
  5. at Intersect i was thinking that if i change the ui and gamefont for the one who haves the character i need (♥), but when i change the line nothing happens, online the balooms font that really change, and that tutorial from Jc from 2016 it's too much complicated, i can't understand nothing how to change font Client and Editor\resources\config.json { "Host": "localhost", "Port": 5400, "GameFont": "notosansui", <<<<<<<<<<< "UIFont": "notosansui", <<<<<<<<<< "ChatLines": 100, "MenuMusic": "Gentle-Closure.ogg", "MenuBackground": "background.png", "IntroImages": [] } how can i change the font? is there any video tutorial or something?...
  6. i tried to put a ''alt+3'' symbol: ♥ for my game features, however at the game it does feels right, how can i change certain characters on game's font? sorry bad english im from brazil please help!!
  7. Sim Mombi, deves seguir a página: https://facebook.com/fantasyonlinemmo
  8. How do i do to set a switch in a spell traansformation? i dont wanna my players to get 50 tranforms at the same time to get 999stats + pls help
  9. any way to make ''tab''' select from more distance? i mean not every classe are meelee to target body-to-body
  10. in that version is possible to make transformation only 1 actived per time?
  11. have a system to when player log in after server crashes the npc's attack him to death even before he seen whats happenin? i mean npcs even aggros can avoid player recently logged
  12. hmmm should i expected that in Brazil the ping is 150~200ms but the server runs smooth?with little lag spykes? is that worth it? or better to contact a vps brazilian service? I would like to hire a intersect hosting sulitions 'cause of the server will be online 24/7d, hosting myself server always crash and i have to re-open sometime...
  13. ok i did this in spawn/execution conditions i did nothing but its only switching one time as well... (its 2 switches 'cause is one for quest take and another to quest completed) i did something wrong? or that means intersect can't handle a daily quest? @jcsnider
  14. Hello guys So, i was trying to do a Daily Quest system to my project but i can't make it... i created a repeatable quest in "on quest completion" i put a reward page 1 and put a switch1 = true so in page 2 i wanna put to reset that switch in 00h so i put condit if time is between 12am to 6 am then > switch false the problem is that the switch is nothing switching to false on 00h, what do i did wrong?
  15. it works <3 thanks !! since you are here, explain me one thing please? i see that in your project you put a slot for ring and other stuff, how you put that? in your game appears new windows in ''character equipament'' when you change that .xml? 'cause on mine its only helmet, armor, weapon, shield and boots...
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