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  1. Ty, i'll check When hosted on my local pc worked but on vps didn't, i'll search more...
  2. I was reistalling the site and i got this error on importing database... And when I enter in table 'cms_settings' i got this:
  3. So, I configured the password recovery and when connecting the server on my computer (windows 10) it worked normal, but when passing the server to my vps (centos 7) I end this problem, does anyone know how to solve it? Thanks!
  4. It would be interesting, a patch just like the unselect with "esc" to select yourself with some button to use healing skills, buffs and others. Sometimes in the midst of a pvp fight selecting yourself while evading an enemy to heal can be tricky, and it would help.
  5. Hey guys, i need some help. I made an input variable to type words, and i want to make an event that turn on different things. Example: I've one closed dor (1), i've one bridge closed (2) and i've one chest (3) I set this events with one string variable with contains condition, and the words in condition is: 1 - opendoor 2 - openbridge 3 - openchest To make this work i set the stringvariable with this: "opendoor - openbridge - openchest", but the conditions didn't understood that contain this words on the variable. How i'm i suposed to make this work? Thanks!
  6. Hey, there's a patch, or one "easy" way to hide pages from menu? I want to create something like this: Got this game pages: Patch Note, Patch1, Patch2, Patch3. So I want to hide Patch"X" pages from menu and i'll create a button in the content on body of Patch List page with images to link this "sub" pages... Thanks!
  7. Fixed! I was wondering if there's any way to create pages that doesn't show on game or wiki category... Edit: Finally I managed to make everything work 100% and made some changes to the layout
  8. I followed all the steps on my host and ended up getting like this, any idea why? Register, login, server status works fine!
  9. So, I tried to use cleanse but i think i found a bug, if it isn't please help me to understand how it works... I created a spell that transform player and change status as here: Then I made other skill to clean the effect of transformation returning to original visual and status When i use it removes the transformation but still with status changed until time ends. How i resolve that? Thanks!
  10. For some reason i moved updater to gui folder, now worked but i got this I'm running on local host
  11. I tried to use launcher hosting xampp on localhost but i got this, what can be?
  12. Hey, i'm merging some mods and got this... I tried some ways to resolve the conflict but not success!
  13. I'm gettin error with build EDIT: With a new empty development branch worked!
  14. I started to study and think how main menu will be... Main menu: Login: Register:
  15. There's any way to the event continue just after click on image? Example: Show image (click to close) set variable (daily reward recived true) And the "set variable" just happen after clicked on image!
  16. I tried to use the last patch to "Diagonal Projectiles" and "Autohit" but i got this errors: The last release of both are the fix in the first post?
  17. Hey, i tried to install base and updates and got this error: The same issue whithout --check
  18. Oh, sorry I downloaded the last version but it didn't go to the right directory and I ended up using the old version again! Now i'ts working!
  19. I deleted my old branch and fetch origin/development, last history change was 7 hours ago #100, i'll try again
  20. I don't know if it helps, but as I said yesterday, the attack is okey when you select a target with "TAB" or attack with the mouse clicking exactly on top of the target
  21. I understood what is happening... When you try to interact with any NPC using "E" or "Right Click" (default set) doesn't open the event BUT, ONLY open when you click exactly on the event. About NPC's (monsters) there's a problem when you trying to hit them with basic attack, you ONLY hit the enimies when you select them with "TAB" or hit them click right in the monster, the key "E" or click anywhere in the screen results in don't attack. Problably PVP is with the same issue. About this: I'm creating new branches to test ALL patches avaibles here in "source modifications" to check if is this patch that results in sounds/music problem! If this patch is the origin of this problem i'll explain better!
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