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  1. Kincy


    Congratulations on the amazing project, it's a source of inspiration for me that I want to get started on Intersect Engine and I think you'll get a lot of attention from everyone!
  2. Its development is amazing, I've been following on Discord and it's a great job!
  3. Hi @Chiki, on your question, it is noteworthy that Google Play is the google store for applications compatible with your operating system (Android), currently Intersect Engine is only compatible with the following operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  4. Hello, thank you very much for your help, already clarified everything I would like. If possible please can give the topic as resolved.
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to Intersect Engine, I'm finding it amazing and a world of possibilities, I'm really looking forward to the arrival of B6 and would like to know if it's worth starting on the current version or learning more and waiting for the next version to start my project?
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