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  1. i think what you want is doable , you can create a spell that can warp a player to a random map (inside belly) switch upon casting. the troublesome part is it might teleport everyone rather than the target else if you want to achieve is the latter you can do it with a skill range as wide as how you want it to be ; if you're targeting for everyone to be teleport or the ones that's near the big mob else if specific player make a spell that targets and insert it with a switch (teleport x y coordinate) give it a cooldown.
  2. I've checked the tutorials and i got inspired by it ! will do one soon as this could help new people who wants to change their UI ! For the meantime i'm doing 2 color pallete buttons and bars as well as adjusting them a little bit in the UI and release for public use including the InGame.xml
  3. So that's the problem since i've also tried various common events but none are working , i'm about to ask the same question but cheers someone done it for me! *ebil laugh*
  4. Glad you liked it i'm not good at making a tutorial video
  5. Hello to the Community ! I'm Happy to say that i've completed the 2 color palette Green UI Theme and is available for download ! ofcourse it's free no need for credits ! ~ Read Me ! Download Link :
  6. Bookmarked your website , nice collection indeed especially the soundtracks love it !
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