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  1. i think what you want is doable , you can create a spell that can warp a player to a random map (inside belly) switch upon casting. the troublesome part is it might teleport everyone rather than the target else if you want to achieve is the latter you can do it with a skill range as wide as how you want it to be ; if you're targeting for everyone to be teleport or the ones that's near the big mob else if specific player make a spell that targets and insert it with a switch (teleport x y coordinate) give it a cooldown.
  2. Need help code color " config server "


    I'm use https://www.colorcodehex.com/ed550e/  and it does not give the true color

    1. AspiringAdventurer


      Hi , Sorry for the late reply  ! 

      Been busy to work and out of towns anyway . have you figured it out yet? and what exactly you need help with? send me a screenshot of the place's you want to change the colors and i'll guide you to it.

      For example Admin Name Color
      in Server\resources\colors.xml find <PlayerNameAdmin> argb (255,255,255,255)

      A - Alpha add's transparency

      R- Red

      G- Green
      B- Blue

      Look in the colorcodehex for RGB then add the values from there. (255. x . x .x ) where X is the placeholder to put the value.

      Keep me posted and i'm willing to help .

  3. I've checked the tutorials and i got inspired by it ! will do one soon as this could help new people who wants to change their UI ! For the meantime i'm doing 2 color pallete buttons and bars as well as adjusting them a little bit in the UI and release for public use including the InGame.xml
  4. Hello to my Visitors , I'm working on 2 color Pallete Buttons including the HP,MP, EXP Bar and Soon Overhaul the UI that's compatible with intersect giving it a new touch! ofcourse that comes with the modified values of InGame.xml and MainMenu.xml as well as the Colors.xml to match and blend the labels to the New UI !

    Let Me know what do you think of the color blending :) 

    2 color pallete buttons.png

    1. AspiringAdventurer


      Hello Guys , Just got Break  from Work and Enjoying my Coffee , Got Few minutes to post this ! I  Quickly Implemented the Buttons i made , Here's what it looks like in Action !

      Party UI + HP Bars = Completed

      Character/Entity Window = Completed
      Function Buttons = Definitely Tomorrow !

      in-game.xml = 100% Working Including Comments !


    2. AspiringAdventurer


      Quickly Implemented the 2 Color Palette Buttons , the image is kinda sluggish since i toned down the  quality of image using NXPowerLite so kinda low-res lol but the button itself is best quality just as it shows in my first post.

      Button UI (NXPowerLite Copy).jpg

    3. AspiringAdventurer


      Main Menu , Options Menu will be made shortly ! Can't Wait to Redesign and Adjust the Buttons  :D Adveeeeeenture  !

  5. So that's the problem since i've also tried various common events but none are working , i'm about to ask the same question but cheers someone done it for me! *ebil laugh*
  6. Glad you liked it i'm not good at making a tutorial video
  7. Hello to the Community ! I'm Happy to say that i've completed the 2 color palette Green UI Theme and is available for download ! ofcourse it's free no need for credits ! ~ Read Me ! Download Link :
  8. Version 2.0.0


    I made a simple UI Based from ResBaK Online and is compatible for Intersect , Everything is Made from Scratch and Not Just Resizing the Image. Free , Change the Font Colors to your liking to Blend well in the UI by going to \Intersect Engine Beta 4.2\Server\resources\Colors.xml and use CTRL + F to find the Corresponding Label you want to change. Comments and Suggestions are welcome , as it will help me as references or avoid mistakes.
  9. Hello , I'm an Aspiring Adventurer and from the near future all the adventures , travels and explorations will come to life thru RPG Maker Using Intersect as much how I've experience it. portraying the life of an ordinary human and soon caught into some fantasy world like ( plot twist )

    I'm not that Knowledgeable  at C# but i'm trying my best to learn visiting source materials and websites alike offering knowledge for this field.

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      carter page the oil consultant? don't have the slightest idea !


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      You don't know who you are?

      Definitely Carter Page.

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      Yes , that' s correct.
      Definitely Not Carter Page !

  10. Bookmarked your website , nice collection indeed especially the soundtracks love it !
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