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  1. changing client name

    No luck thus far, I am sorry. Looks like @jcsnider of @Kibbelz will have to aid you in this question.
  2. changing client name

  3. changing client name

    I'll see if I can find a way to do it with a work around, cause for the last hour I've not been able to find your answer lol.
  4. Problema para actualizar

    Los consejos de Refur lo ayudaron a utilizar sus mapas en la versión actualizada de DAVEN?
  5. Intersect Beta 4.2 Released!

    @Zoagel More than likely will have to wait for open source to add that feature, they have more important debugging and development road maps to conquer before going to adding wanted features. Take a gander at the road map to have a better idea what to expect in upcoming beta and finalized product releases will have in-store for you.
  6. Hey there, was wondering if you had an email I could contact you with some questions I rather not make public at this time (They concern the engine and gfx configuration)

    1. Kibbelz


      If you request support for your game ask for it on the forums rather than directly like every other user.