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      Sorry for the site downtime. I've been out of town and dealing with some really bad news regarding a relative. I'm home now, working on it, and monitoring carefully.


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  1. Hey as I cant PM yet could you send me a PM I have an idea what I would like to discuss with you.



    1. Kibbelz


      Discuss ideas on the forums not privately.

    2. jcsnider


      While quick, this was a good one to be had privately. He has a lot to consider before going public. (If I didn't shatter his hopes too bad)

    3. Veruse


      ITs fine im gona try and do the things what you said! xD

  2. pm me
  3. Drop me a PM @SolidLink
  4. We do have some VPS however are windows OS are no longer available. But I can set up a server for your game if you want prices are HERE but dont buy from there open a live chat.
  5. 7 of these left!
  6. That we do my good man just PM me! @Gibier
  7. Sweet just PM me because I cant PM anyone and I will get you set up
  8. Sweet. If you have a domain I can add it to our system and give you the name servers or an IP I will need to find away to give you the details or you can give me an email or something I cant message on here.
  9. Okay so I have been using intersect for some time now and I am loving all of the community support. So i'm giving back. on a side of making a game I also run a hosting company called strikehosting we dont really care about making money from it so im giving 10 people a free web host with 20GB Storage SSD | Unlimited Bandwidth Just reply here or message me if you want it P.S we use CPanel, We also don't provide domains.
  10. Thanks!
  11. Concept

    Ohh if you make a 16bit one I would love to use it in my game! @XanderDee
  12. Add a Rulers to the editor and or a number board so we can see where the heck this center is
  13. @PhenomenalDitto True but its the best we have for now.
  14. @Sorgesh You could make a exe or a bat file what opens the server and client as the main open program. OR You could wait for the source.
  15. @Pavoht If its windows you need to allow your game over your firewall or disable it.