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  1. Arcwyre Save Arcwyre!

    I honestly and truthfully don't want to come out as harsh.....but.....rather than trying to find a REAL job to help with your so called "Homelessness"...your asking for donations for your hobby to make money???. I know this site swings to the leftist side and all are all buddy buddy (and so called family)...but damn. Panda's $50.00 donation is cool and all but seriously you cant just bank on your game (Opensource based game engine that anyone can reverse engineer if thy wanted). You gotta get back on your feet first in life, then fuel your hobbies. Best of luck to your problems. #VisualStudio #CSharp #seenitbefore #sitecashisgoingtoleagueoflegend #Benjodidnothingwrong #Thisengineisanopensourcehobbiestnightmarthatwontevermakeatruegame...
  2. Closed Alpha Game in development: Chronicles of cyberpunk

    At first I thought this was gay as shit......but now the more I think about it, this is pretty original and a completely different direction as most games. So I like it Good stuff!
  3. Zeta is streaming a life forge pvp event

    Is "LifeForge" a new type of cancer? perscribed by vb6?
  4. Addding monsters to my game and making store

    Take the time to look at all the editors. If you will. They are pretty self tutorialized when you click the many buttons that intersect has......and it has many of them...
  5. What is the best resource for learning C#?

    Yes but making a game with dead libraries is not a functional way of learning something for a future use in a project. Learning yes. I believe productivity is the only end goal on this site......Am I
  6. What is the best resource for learning C#?

    Learn from open source. Its one of the few best ways to understand a programming language.
  7. Low FPS Editor Fix.

    When the source comes out, input your own core productions. What I mean is import your own graphics handler as such. I agree that the FPS is not as great as it could be. But there's a few factor in this such as the engine itself, your hardware, and the limitations certain software running on your PC provides. I know My Nividia will limit high performance based software.
  8. Why is my damage not random?

    That might take a source edit my friend. Currently not available in the current state.
  9. Why are the fonts aliased?

    When source comes out, use your own font rendering if you wish. Create Anti-Alias. Nothing better than self made code my friend
  10. Foreign Language Boards Now Open

    Ohh ok
  11. Foreign Language Boards Now Open

    Das ist ein wenig unhöflich. That is a little rude.
  12. Need Help Orake needs a hacker (paid)

    Ist Orake in vb6 gemacht. Ich werde nicht gerne Hilfe mit dem sehen, wie vb6 ist datiert und ist möglich schlecht auf der obersten Ebene. Andere Version ja. Anfälliger mit C ++ - Sprache. Is Orake made in vb6. I wont like help with that seeing as vb6 is dated and is possible bad at top level. Other version yes. More prone with C++ language.
  13. Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 960 Tracks

    I like you work man. But why not share it with actuall Develovper's unlike all the hobbyists on this site...Iv have seen of Ascension but alot olat of suff repetable but .Net Gore source Check it out... Ich mag dich arbeiten Mann. Aber warum nicht teilen sie mit Actall Develovper's im Gegensatz zu allen Hobbyisten auf dieser Seite ... Iv haben von Aufstieg aber viel olat von Suff repetable aber. Net Gore Quelle gesehen ... http: //
  14. Milos Characters

    Your work is amazing. I really like it. You put your work on deviant art. More users like to see. Not many games here though. You should use it for better use.
  15. Foreign Language Boards Now Open

    Is there a German board? EDIT* Sorry @Kibbelz, I read again.