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I didn't realize that there were people who had a fairly up-to-date version of the database, I'm changing the plan to just sanitize one of these copies for release. No need to buy the site when we already have a DB clone.

Old post:


So, i know you guys have pretty much all seen that eclipse was up for sale.


I came to thinking that preserving the database on eclipse for public use could prove to be important, incase anyone still uses that hunk-of-junk engine.

Obviously anyone who pays more than 100$ for the site is just flat out stupid so... I got to thinking,

Let's just make a small money pool together and buy it. 50$ from me, 50$ from another user or two, so on and so on.


The domains can go to ascension, and we can even use the database for an email campaign to get this place booming again. Whoever the person to claim the site data is, I think it's important to scrub personal information from the db before releasing it.


Anyone up to try it?

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I'm going to be amazed if someone good would buy Eclipse. Virtually all of Eclipse is worthless, and the thing that is worth the most, but virtually worthless is the email list. Quite frankly there are a vast swarms of wholly incompetent people, shitty people, bots, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if there's a dead person or two on that mailing list, so really there isn't a point in using it when almost all of the good people have explicitly walked away with intention to never return in any meaningful capacity.

What any game development community needs now is, like everyone has said for a while now, new and interested talent, and a new source base that is not in Visual Basic anything, and Intersect is the closest to being there, but from what I've seen with a decompiler, Intersect has the same pitfall of Eclipse Origins and its predecessors, a core structural design that's now nearly 17 years old.

Basically, the mailing list is virtually worthless, the data more so, so what reason do we have to keep it around?

Sure, redirect the domains to here, or even to the Mana Source project websites (which has arguably been a superior and from what I am aware independently formed sibling for years now), but other than the domains we don't need what's left. Using or trying to use the rest is like eating crumbs in a sandwich shop to prevent your inevitable starvation.

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If Microsoft can't be assed to have public support in the form of documentation and what not for VB6 (and people still want to use VB6), why in the hell are we going to waste time and money to preserve information that is objectively of significantly less worth?

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Do you know how many people still go back to developing on old systems and old languages that are no longer supported for the hell of it?

It's like saying we were stupid to preserve any information about any outdated software simply because "it's not widely used". Data preservation, weather the community is shit or not, can always find a way to be useful.
I have information from a preserved database about the hexidecimal codes for each individual assembly call on the original gameboy. It's out dated by over 3 decades now, doesn't mean I won't use it. It's like the wayback machine. Just because it's not important to you, doesn't mean it won't be important to another user later.



Preserving that database isn't just preserving eclipse origin's shitty "HELP ME DO A SPRITE" thing. It also has support threads and even code from the original mirage game engine that eclipse was derived from all over it.

It's important to preserve software, and the assistance and data the came with it. There are sitll database clones for the original GunZ the Duel floating around the private server fanatic's segment of the web. That game has been dead for YEARS.

Hell, if I had the time. I'd have a field day with Eclipse Evolution or Eclipse Stable, just for shits and giggles.

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I'm pretty sure the database would contain a lot of users who moved on because of how primitive eclipse was. Perhaps they may be willing to come back now that Intersect is a thing. Who knows, i'm not taking any sides just throwing out an idea.

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4 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Kibbelz You are on the buy the site for the database side just say it m9 and also before you think of it eclipse's passwords are salted (probably maybe not xD)

I'm pretty aware of this. I did used to manage the forums there at one point.

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