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What does programming do to your brain?


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3 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Crest A* in computing (better than the teachers xD) C in spanish plz explain :P

Dude, I almost failed every other class in highschool but could teach the computer courses... they literally called me back after I graduated to teach their robotics course.

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I've not read this article before but when I realized my specialty was not math but linguistics I came to the communication language-programming language correlation on my own, but that doesn't mean a great linguist or great mathematician will make a great programmer, you need to be somewhere in the middle.

That being said I think Djikstra was more on the mark with the "Besides a mathematical inclination, an exceptionally good mastery of one’s native tongue is the most vital asset of a competent programmer." quote. You need to have mastery of one language (the easiest one being your daily tongue, not necessarily even your native tongue), but that doesn't mean you're also going to be able to handle foreign languages too. The clincher here is that most likely a programmer who also has the capacity to learn and have some relative mastery of at least one foreign language in addition to mastery of their own will likely have more versatility in programming because they'll also be able to better comprehend and utilize multiple other programming languages with some degree of mastery, rather than being limited to a specific language.

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