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Hello ascension community. I am currently in need of some money, and would like to make logos for your projects. For as little as 20$ you can get a custom designed, professional logo for your game. Simply give me the information, and I will create one for you. Once you are satisfied with my work, payment will be received through pay-pal. Please use the following format for requests: (You can post here, or simply pm me)


Game Name

Preferred color(s)

Theme (Medieval, Sci-fi, Ethereal, Abstract etc)


If possible, include a screenshot of your game's graphics. This will help me get a better feel.

Example Logos (more to come soon):







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Really any color is fine. The game has more of a bright happy kinda feel, but I've been trying to tone it back so it's not "to much."

And here's a link to the page, but I'm pretty sure you've seen it already, lol.



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23 hours ago, eastx said:

I will be in need of a logo for the opening page of my game, i havent found the name of my game yet but i was wondering if you had a portfolio or something i can look at?




I'll have a more expanded portfolio very soon. Stay tuned. :)

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