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Concept Driemmo


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Good afternoon! I came across this engine a while back, and recently very interested in trying my hand at a very simple yet pleasant 2D mmorpg. 


My Goal with Driemmo is to be as simple as possible, yet have fun and entertaining game mechanics that set it apart from other games that have been brought with this engine.


Gameplay: You're a Hunter ( well once you pass a Hunter Exam hah) This game will heavily rely on Chanting, these chant spells will power your character physically and spiritually i.e, Attack, Defense, Ability Power and even Speed. Based on a tier system these spells will be dropped from Bosses/Dungeons across Dreimmo. Of course there will still be the usual RPG equipment, but i want to keep it very simple. Weapon/Armor/Accessory. 


There is going to be an overworld to easily traverse the game, nothing will be level locked (except the chants) Areas will not be blocked due to low level or quest requirements, though quests will vastly improve your character in Experience and also sometimes aiding in giving juicy Chant Spells for your continued journey.


I'll be posting here frequently, although I am actively working on this, i will leave it as concept for the time being until i have content to show you wonderful people, Thanks the stopping by and reading. I am very open to feedback regarding my plan, thank you!






Need to revamp the whole GUI eventually.



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