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PK System Question



Hi everyone,

i got a hold of understanding a good part of B7 Engine,
Great job by the way, Love it!

So my questions are...

1. is there any location on the forums where they explain a good amount of variable understanding?
by looking around i have learned a lot, except i haven't seen certain situations.

1. Does the player variable remains saved within the character even after logging off and back in?
    if not is it possible without source modification?

2. For Common Event PVP Kill/PVP Death, would there be a way that when the killer kills, it verifies the victim status (Player variable = 0 or 1) before sending other commands.

A killer name becomes RED(1),
A victim remains WHITE(0),
if a victim(0), kill the player killer(1)
the victim remains WHITE.              <------------------------- This is my problem here, how can the PVP Kill verify the victims variable before?

Can one event activated by USER1 verify USER2 variable?

Thank you in advance

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Player variable (PV) = Variable used in-game for one player (i.e: i got a player called "Kamus" with the P.V Karma = 1)
User Variable (USERVAR) = Variable used in-game for EVERY players in the account (i.e: i got a tutorial maded for be showed only one time per account, when you've completed the tutorial with one player, the next players that you've made doesn't will be able for do the tutorial)

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Hello, there is an official event documentation which threat about events and variables here :


For your player variable, the value will stay unchanged, it will keep it's last value before deconnecting the server.

For your last answer i don't know ^^ for know i've only do some mapping on Intersect, i'm not in such detailled systems ^^.

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For player variables (PV), they are saved and stored on a non-volatile basis (They don't get removed unless told to be removed or changed)
For Common Events on PvP Kill/Death, it is not possible to check the targets variables unfortunately.

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