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Untested [FREE] Redeem Reward Code System!


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A very useful system for you who want to promote your game!.

With this system you can create custom reward codes with many items you like and use in your social links promotion, or even unique codes for streamers and youtubers to advertise your game into their community!. Also, you can use this codes as a delivery for your cash shop.

Redeem codes in game by typing /redeem YOUR-CODE-HERE. The items will be delivered instantly into the player inventory.


How to use

  • Copy/Paste the rewards.json example into your server resources folder.
  • Create how many codes you want following the example model
  • Reload rewards by typing reloadrewards command into your server console.


  • Intersect Engine v0.7+


Read the readme.txt file for more info.

If you enjoy this system, consider leaving a donation. :)

Hope you guys like it!


Download here.


Check out my other systems here.


Yea i just CTRL+C CTRL+V my post at Itch.io :P


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On 11/19/2022 at 8:15 AM, Weylon Santana said:

Very interesting and cool idea, but why not create a new editor and make the whole process more visual for whoever is going to use it? and instead of using /something, use a prompt window?


Besides, is there a usage limit? by character? on account?


I thought about that, but future merge conflicts were the problem. XD

Creating a new entity/editor inflicts in more merge conflicts with future updates, so i would update this every week basically.

So i just choose for creating the system more basic as i can.


And yea, each player can only redeem a code once per character.

And usage limit is optional per redeem code :)

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