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Concept Star Wars Extinction


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Google translator.
I really liked your constructions, animations. I have some comments about your map.

Before creating -

  • Search on google: Lego Star Wars Java Game. I believe that the look of your map can be more interesting having this game as a reference.
  • indicate what each building (Tavern,weapon shop,houses)
  • . Create a paper sketch/map showing the main and side streets clearly as well as signage.
  • Before creating anything - cry a document (start with reference images from other games)
  • Better and have minimum to create a good ambiance.
  • Look for images listed as Diablo 1 and 2 cities, zelda or poquemon,
  • .Realistic is not a priority.

Stars wars - for java - 




Star wars - yoda story 



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"Translate French"


Thank you for feedback :9_innocent:


There are a few starwars tileset I had to create several myself.


I will redo the whole city soon. And yes good idea to properly report the buildings so that the players do not search too much ;)


I just finished the sprite and the animations in the 4 directions. I would do a video presenting all this and the new city as soon as possible.

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