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Loose leaf generator sprites



Hello all ! I don't know if you ever use it but there was a character generator named looseleaf which help creating xp style character. When i restart making games i tried to return on it but the generator has been removed. I fount a file with all the resources but i 'll not use it, so is it interesting to post it in the downloads section and if yes in which category should i post it ?

here is the link :


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"You can use it for non-commercial and commercial projects but you have to say you used the generator in your credits or somewhere in the game. However, you cannot distribute the models."

So i should post it with this message, but in which category should i post it cause it isn't really characters ? 




It seems that you can access the generator this way, so if anyone need it, you just have to follow the instructions to have the entire generator. Thanks arufonsu your reply help me to find more about this.


Question answered thanks all.

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