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(Repost) Custom Coded Bosses



I originally posted this in the wrong forum, so I'm moving it here.


I've seen a couple of posts where custom coded bosses are mentioned to be in someone's game. I'm learning C# specifically so I can make custom bosses, but I don't know how I do that. I know I'll have to edit Intersect's source, but other than that, I don't know what to do or how to do it. Can anyone help?



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I believe that to make changes to the source, you should at least be a professional in C# or at least have as much knowledge as a professional, you must know what to do, if you are just learning, you should try to do several other things and evolve a little more to start looking through the code yourself and know exactly what to change or how to change. If you are a beginner - intermediate, you can try doing it for fun, but never use it on a serious project if you don't know how to fix it in the future. Try to start with small changes too.

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4 hours ago, _Sumarbrander said:

Ohhh, I see. Because if I edit the source, it will edit all of everyone's sources as well, I can/should not code bosses directly into the source, because that would our the bosses in everyone's worlds. I would have to make a boss editor or something.


No, you'd have to make your own custom branch and probably hide it from people.
You can't edit the base branch that everyone uses at all.


2 hours ago, _Sumarbrander said:

Would it be easier for me to create my game entirely from scratch, than for me to try and implement bosses here?

Learning to make your own game and engine takes quite a bit of time.

But learning to program or getting someone to program for you is never a bad idea if you're serious about making a game with custom features.

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