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Arcade cabinet restoration


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So i decided to restore my Street Fighter II arcade cabinet back to it's original glory. The cabinet was tagged all up, and the front had a big crack in the wood.


This is what it originally looked like.









I sanded everything down.


Side with some old paint still on.



Other side... i filled in some deep gouges with putty



First side completely sanded



Front sanded, and cracks filled with putty. You can see the control panel sticker is torn up... i have to find a new control panel online somewhere.



I haven't finished painting it yet so i don't have finished pics yet. I'll post those when I'm done.

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Ok so here is a small update on my arcade restoration. Not the best pictures... i forgot to take them when i was done and I could get better pics when it was outside. Anyways.. here are some new pics... not sure why they are sideways. They are normal in my folder.


I still have to get a new glass, and panel sticker, but the paint came out nice. No more graffiti in the wood.



Ohh.. i just noticed I need to wipe off the dusty finger prints after we brought it in.



There was a large crack in the front. I patched it up and painted it. You can still see it a little bit, but it is much better now.



I'll try to get better pics later.

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