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Supporting a WebGL client is not as simple as "we use mono, let's just compile it for the web", so... short answer: No.

Slightly longer answer (but still no):

We use Monogame for the client. The shortest route to a WebGL client is if Monogame supported a WebGL build. There is currently no official support for that, only prototypes still.

The other route to a WebGL client is Unity. We do not have a working Unity client, and we have no plans for an official Unity client.

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There are other issues too.


For example, the last I checked the only sort of web networking that could be used is WebSockets which is a very specific networking implementation on top of TCP.


Intersect uses Lidgren UDP sockets. So not only would client networking need to be rewritten for web (and be less performant) the server would need a websocket implementation so it could actually talk to the web clients.


I can think of 2-3 such problems. And then more would creep up if you actually tried a WebGL port.

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