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Untested [Beta 7] Multiple Stat Point Allocation

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Hello you beautiful people of the AGD Forums.


Today I have something to share with you all, my blood sweat and tears have finally come to fruition.


You can now with this mod add more than 1 stat point at a time.


As this alters quite a bit of the CharacterWindow you may have to edit your JSON file for it. I have mine linked here for you to compare.


[Download Here]

[Extra Resources] New Red + buttons to compliment the new additions


Last known version to work on:





The Tooltip is an optional feature that you can enable or disable in the Server Config File along with how many points should be added when you click the button.


Thanks all, hope you'll make use of this.


Change Log:
6/8 - Initial Patch File done

6/8 - Fixed bug that'd hide the + button with the wrong conditions

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12 hours ago, Twutti said:

Hello there ^^

the patch file does not work ^^ has quite some errors in it :P

Would be a nice one if the patch would work ^^


This modification is now almost 2 years old. I haven't had the time to update it and I don't think I will update it.
I might take a look at it and release it as a github link so people can patch it themselves if they really want it.

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