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  1. Hello , C:\Users\Shadow\Documents\GitHub\Intersect-Engine>git apply --check AdditionalMapLayers_Dev_6_2_421.patch error: patch failed: Intersect (Core)/Intersect (Core).csproj:221 error: Intersect (Core)/Intersect (Core).csproj: patch does not apply error: patch failed: Intersect.Editor/Forms/DockingElements/frmMapLayers.Designer.cs:460 error: Intersect.Editor/Forms/DockingElements/frmMapLayers.Designer.cs: patch does not apply error: patch failed: Intersect.Editor/Forms/DockingElements/frmMapLayers.cs:1078 error: Intersect.Editor/Forms/DockingElements/frmMapLayers.cs: patch does not apply Getting some errors They have already helped me in fixing the issues!! the patch works.
  2. O your door is opening and closing perfectly haha , i am trying to do it but i am getting serious issues with that stupid door. annoying me haha When i try setting an animation , the animation keeps on going non stop i can not set a loop amount because it will keep looping and just does not only run 1 time. If i set an animation in the commands then it removes the whole gate and then puts the gate back and runs the animation which is annoying because the gate dissapears and then reappears
  3. Hello everyone, I am having a lot of issues creating an event where the gate opens and animates when you use it. Anyone have a way to fix this?
  4. was not really a bump but a question :p but yea i guess i will go ahead and get someone to code this for me and i will put it in. Might release after
  5. indeed! Would be nice. I hope there is someone willing to :p i am not that good yet just started out.
  6. Hello everyone. is there anyone that has a patch that makes it able to put texts for monsters that you can input? an example is when you have a rat running around and the rat just randomly says *meep* maybe you want to sell it just let me know please then i can think about it. thank you in advanced!
  7. Hello everyone, sorry to bother you guys. i have a question, how can i make a monster keep his distance when fighting a player? Like not coming into melee range? Or at least trying to stay away of course he will not be the fastest monster. thanks in advanced!
  8. This is something i really wanted. Hmm will have a look. Thanks a lot!
  9. This is a better picture of the errors.
  10. Yes i cleaned it all , this also happens with a new clone of the git. The thing is that i download clean and then build and it gives me this error every time.
  11. Yes tried it all, i see now 1 has failed but it does not tell me what has failed so i am guessing it is that
  12. Hello guys, i build the solution for intersect but when it is done i only have client and editor but no server. any way i can fix this? when i download the server and use the client and editor i built it says bad server version.
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