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Projectile Spawn Delay (ms) not working?




Tried to make arrow animation for bow weapons, and notice that the spawn delay (ms) is not working or dont making any effect in the game, so tried a fresh latest install of Intersect ( and the results are the same. Here are the projectile and animation configurations:



Video of the problem with delay spawn of the projectile:



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17 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

The delay only applies when you have configured multiple waves. (It's the time between waves) Set the quantity to 2 in the projectile editor and then fire the projectile once to see the effect.


Thanks, tried a few times seeing and understanding the result now correctly, it's my fault believing that is the configuration of the spawn animation itselft.

So, how can i make the arrow shot after the end of the paperdoll animation like this and not instantly? :



Thanks in advance!

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