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2x exp?






 Is there any way that when a player uses a certain item, double experience triggers globally?

 I don't have any way of adding 2x exp to the game. 

The furthest I can go is have an item add actual experience points but that is about it.


I'd also like to, in the future, double experience for resource's gathered (fishing,mining, etc.) Thank you!

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If you talk about the experience that player get for quest/monster and that serve to level up, you can already make an equipment which give +..% xp. if you want it to be temporary you can create a common event system that will give it a timer.


If you want to make an equipment  or just an item  that double experience for the ressource gathering, you will have firstly to do a gathering xp system using common event in the ressources editor. Then your item would activate a variable that make the player gain more exp in the ressource gathering system.

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Idk if devs added any exp-related feature the past months, I'll asume they didn't. If they did, what I'm about to say may be outdated.


There are 2 ways to make exp modifiers:


1. Code it

2. Create an event system-driven exp system


For the second one you will increase the amount of work for your project, but it totally works(I did it on one of my projects).


First of all you need to set all exp earned by killing npcs etc... to 0. Instead of that, whenever you kill an npc or do any other action which gives exp, call a common event(you will need 2 for every single npc). The first common event will be for the npc killer, the second common event will be for the party members.


On those common event create as pages as exp modifiers you need. The page n°1 will be the default exp one, so place a 'give exp to the player' command and that will be it. 


Now lets say you only want to create 1 exp modifier, the 'weekend 2x exp". Create a new page on those common events. Create the 'spawn conditions' so that page will be triggered only on the weekends. Give the double amount of exp to the 'give exp to the player' command. Et voila, you succesfully created a weekend 2x exp system. You can create as pages as you want with different conditions, such as 'give 1'5x exp when player has this item on his inventory'. But, as I said at the beggining, this will increase the complexity of your project and may be very difficult to deal with in the long term. The 'code it' option should be your only option if you are working on a serious project.

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