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Intersect Engine "Full" Basic Tutorial

Weylon Santana

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Hello guys. It's me again, I've been working on this tutorial since the end of last year, in my spare time. In these last days I have organized everything and fed even more with what I find out there.

So this tutorial covers everything. From server and client settings to the meaning of each editor.

There are a lot of people arriving at the forum recently and are not able to find documentation. And that is something that will take a good few years. Since the source opened, many people have turned to their projects and "disappeared", the contributions have diminished and the only thing they realize is that they have been here since 2017 like me (or more people before)


We have the basic tutorial on the events written by @Agoraphobic, and now I bring you the basic tutorial on the intersect engine about general things.




1 - I am Brazilian and not an English speaker. My vocabulary is quite extensive (thanks to you and the games), but not enough to write everything I wrote, so I helped myself with the online translator and reviewed everything myself. (to try to avoid those meaningless texts from the online translator).


2 - Inside the rar file there will be a folder and two files.

This folder contains images. The Word / PDF file contains the tutorial on the basics of the intersect, in several moments of the file you will see "(image x)", it means that you must go in the folder to check the image to which it refers.

I chose this method, since it is better to view the images separately than inside the file. (at least for me). Excel will have descriptions for the meaning of the lines in the server's colors and config files.


3 - There are in the excel file, empty areas, I left it that way because I don't know what it means and I didn't find it in the current documentation or I know how it works but I haven't found a way to explain it in words. If you know what it means, feel free to help me complete this file, I will thank you very much, and many newbies too.


4 - [OFF] @panda I will continue to translate the documentation, is that sometimes I procastinate a lot hahaha (:57_cry:)

5 - I appreciate any help I get, and of course if it is useful for developers, you can use as you wish.


6 - I left everything in "night mode" to make it easier for those who use it or want to learn how to use it, but there is only the night for it and the white that blind is horrible to read. (the word file is there for you to change as you wish).


Download de Tutorial Here!

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