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Tree Of Savior (Official Thread)


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So I've been playing ToS recently, and I have got to say, it's honestly really fun. I love the graphics, they're awesome and remind me of Ragnarok (which I believe this game is a remake of?) and the feel is just awesome. I'll go over some points about what I've learned so far (Currently level 23, not far at all) and what has seemed to catch my attention. I will also list the servers we are playing on, perhaps create a guild (which serves no purpose really other than making friends at the moment) and just have fun!

Player List

yeroC - [US]Klaipeda (Steam: CMFiend420)

Damian666 -  [EU]Fedimian

Maysoon - (Steam: Maysoon)

What Make its Worth It


Class Advancement

Being able to advance in a class is just simply awesome, changes the amount of gameplay there is and of course you can take so many different routes. I love advancing in a class and learning new skills, so for me, this is a pro.

Awesome Animations

I love a game with good animations, it adds to the gameplay, and I have got to say, this game NAILS IT.

Boss Battles

I love how this game ALL THE TIME has boss battles throughout questing, it really makes the game less monotonous feels like less of kill this and gather that and more action! Really awesome feature. 


Of course, to fuel my OCD they feature an "Exploration %" of the map when hitting M, so of course I have to hit 100% on every map.

As I said, I'm pretty new so I will update this section in time.


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Im down, let me find my  steam name and ill pm ya. Havnt played since launch :) nice gfx and a good game tho. Classic Ragnarok grinding, but its relaxing im on the Klaipeda server


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It's not a remake of Ragnarok, tho the game looks nice, has a pretty ok story, I don't like the limitations of this game, to be able to buy from Auction House you need level 40, to put more than 1 item in the AH you need a Token, to be able to trade you need a Token, and so on.

Also the benefits of them tokens, the game lacks many costumes and cosmetics, they could've gone with that method of making money and supporter shit, with some stuff like, more bank space, more shared bank space, etc.

I'm waiting for private servers, I'd rather donate to support the servers out of respect for their work than to pay only to lift up some useless limitations, which only drives away players and definetely don't stop bots and RMTs.

I got bored around level 80-ish

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