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Free Resources. (icon pack and tileset)

Daniele Santana

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Guys, I was organizing my folders today when I found many files that I will not use anymore, because I have evolved a lot since I made them. So, I'm making it available for free here for the forum, As well as on my itch. Use them however you want, including redistribution.


There are 250 items involving swords, shields, spears, bows, staff, throwing, crystals and etc.

And a tileset.


To download each icon separately, please download it here:




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9 minutes ago, DisguisedOG said:

Hey @Daniele Santana,  I will pm you if thats ok :) 

Looking for paperdoll & base player set.

Sure! You can call me. But, I barely log in to the forum, I only enter from time to time. If you have a discord you can call me Daniele Santana#8672. If not, I can log in more to keep answering you.

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