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  1. This is awesome, right to the point and crystal clear instruction. Another subscriber.
  2. Where does one find the luck effect?
  3. I'd like to see other developers thoughts process before they get into the engine. I currently started making what I had all thought up, but am now stuck and losing direction followed by interest. (lack of skills influences this as well) If anyone could write a guide on how they plan games before they start making them I would appreciate it alot! Cheers.
  4. Hi I can't pm, but I'm interested in the softwood fix!

  5. Hey, I don't know if you found an answer, but I use SQLite Query browser for handling database management. load player.db into SQLite and edit the tables.
  6. I will get in touch via discord tomorrow. Thank you.
  7. Hey @Daniele Santana, I will pm you if thats ok Looking for paperdoll & base player set.
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