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Event server performance

Beefy Kasplant


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Great points, I prefer common events at the moment. Im trying transfer the maximum of my game to the common events. 

But in answer to your question.


I think this question has hundreds of thousands of conditions to get the exact answer or the answer you want.


You would have to take the machine's CPU, machine RAM, broadband (in case of online games) conditions, the number of events, the size of the scripts made in these events and so on in consideration.  Logically, the higher cpu / ram, the less time it would take to read and execute these events.  A common event with 100 pages versus an map event on the 100 page with hundreds of conditional branches would have a greater weight on a weak machine like mine for example than yours (which I can guarantee to be better than mine :4_joy::4_joy:). 


I believe that no one can give an answer exactly, but I particularly prefer commom events now than those on the map. 


The tip (in addition to being a super machine if your game is big enough to crash on any weak computer) would be to save on conditional branches, make small and functional scripts (without gambling) and focus on the simplicity and basic functions of the intersect.  However for a big game you must go beyond these limits and trust the engine itself and the computer of who will receive your game.

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