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Concept Grand Beasts


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Note: This project is purely a concept, and I have no intent to begin putting the game together until I feel like I have perfected the vision I have for the game. This thread is mostly for me to have a central place for all of my ideas, to gain feedback and suggestions.


Engine: Intersect BETA 6.1 (Tentative - I am hoping to just wait for Open Source)


Brief Overview

Grand Beasts is a game with quite an interesting story, and the entire game takes place underground (in a cave-level system), this location/world is called "Underworld". The complex system of caves will get more intense the further a player goes deeper into the Underworld. This game will be heavily based around a few main goals: Resource Collection, Government Roleplay (Kingdoms), Questing, and PvE. We will have PvP opportunities, but they will be mostly based on Kingdom relations (war, events, etc).



The story of Grand Beasts takes place in an underground world that has many stages, or levels. Players begin in "The Commons" which is an underground village with Neutral relations. From there, players will begin forming the rest of their gameplay experience by joining a Kingdom and following the primary quest line.




A civilization once stood strong in the upper parts of the Underworld, and its secrets were heavily guarded by the Sentinels. These Sentinels were extremely strong, and trained since the point of adolescence. However, many people wanted to discover the secrets of this civilization, as it was guarded off from any outsiders.


One day, the King of the Underworld decided that the secrets of the Sentinels were a burden to the community, and released a powerful and ancient group that had been imprisoned for many years. This group were known as the Runecarvers. They had the power to turn ordinary stone into Runes with powerful energy which could be converted into magical essence. The Runecarvers were the perfect weapon to fight the Sentinels as the Runecarvers were known for their strong desire to know everything. When they discovered a powerful secret was protected by the Sentinels, they declared war immediately with little time for the Sentinels to retaliate.


Within days, the Runecarvers had demolished the Sentinel civilization leaving them in ruins. People quickly believed that the Sentinels had vanished, but the truth lies within the secrets of a special document known as The Last Order. This order was enforced by the Veilguard who were also part of the same civilization as the Sentinels, and were responsible for hiding the secrets of the civilization through their stealthy abilities.


After the chaotic disruption to the Underworld, the King decided to disappear into the depths taking all the secrets of the Underworld with him. However, he left a good friend of his to guide the Underworld back to order, but it was not going to be an easy task. The people of the Underworld have been waiting many years for the King to return, but some believe he became a divine leader within the depths.


The player enters the story, and the primary objective is to become strong enough to fight the Beasts that rule the Underworld in hopes to find the missing King to restore order amongst the kingdom. The player must focus on the primary quest line, as well as working on their collection skills to learn the secrets of the Underworld.



The classes are based on the primary groups of people within the storyline, but I would like to introduce more classes in the far future (Post-Release) as we expand the game. However, there will be four main classes upon release.


Sentinel (Melee, Crowd Control, High Defense)

The Sentinel is a melee class that uses crowd control abilities and high defense to battle. The recommended Mastery with this class will be Forging to create powerful gear to make up for their lack of range.


Runecarver (Magic, Area of Effect, Unique World Interactions)
The Runecarver is a magic class that can interact with Runes to create Enchanted Tomes (items used for every class to learn new spells). The recommended Mastery with this class is Enchanting to enchant powerful weapons.


Veilguard (Assassin, Stealth, DPS)

The Veilguard is an assassin class that uses an element of surprise and brisk attacks to fight their enemies. The recommended Mastery with this class is Enchanting or Alchemy to enchant powerful weapons or create strong potions.


Virtuoso (Healer, Marksman, Execution)
The Virtuoso class is a healer/marksman class with a powerful spell kit, and it is recommended to be on their good side! The recommended Mastery with this class is Alchemy to create strong potions.



Upon completion of the Royal Quest, players will be allowed to choose between two kingdoms (we may add more in the future). Each kingdom controls certain areas within the Underworld, and can therefore teleport between those areas, interact with general NPCs (banking, general shops, government NPCs, etc.). Players can switch Kingdoms at a cost.


Players will decide the fate of kingdoms through roleplay, as every 3 months a new King in each kingdom will be elected by popular vote. Kings can interact with certain settings within a kingdom, and help create the amendments/rules of their respective kingdoms.


Neither kingdom is class based, and therefore will offer classes no added benefit. However, certain kingdoms will have quick access to certain collection areas, and would be beneficial for certain masteries.


Runic Kingdom

The Runic Kingdom primarily rules over territory with high Rune concentration.


Last Order Kingdom

The Last Order Kingdom primarily rules over territory with abundant resources.



Masteries will be a good way for players to pass time when they complete their Daily Tasks and need a break from questing. Masteries will give the economy a special feel, and let players specialize in a certain area within the game to create exclusive items through their masteries so that they can sell them to people without that Mastery. Players can only master one skill, and will be chosen by visiting the specific Mastery NPC. Players will complete a very long quest line to Master certain skills, but once they do, they can create pretty much anything as long as they have the resources. Masteries are not the same as resource collection (mining, rune gathering, etc).



Forging allows players to use mined ores to create and forge powerful gear for each class. Forging is recommended for classes with low range, otherwise they'll be putting a lot of their money in purchasing strong armor. Forging must be done in a Forge.



Enchanting allows players to use runes and other resources to create powerful weapons and enchant them. Enchanting must be done at an Altar.



Alchemy uses resources to create special and unique items that cannot be bought such as potions. Alchemy must be done at an Alchemy Bench.


Teleportation uses Runes and Geo-Essence to create Teleportation Stones which can be used to teleport almost anywhere. Geo-Essence is very difficult to obtain, however, so it is recommended to only go this mastery if you know how to obtain it (it's a secret muahaha).



Agility is a mastery that actually doesn't make items, but gives the player a huge advantage when it comes to getting places. Players with this mastery can use special map interactions to get places faster, or to actually get to places not normally accessible to other players (these areas will not be areas that are required to access, but may be helpful such as more resources).


Special Items Explained

For my sanity, I have created a list of special items that are explained.



Runes - Runes are mined, and can be mined by anyone. They have multiple uses. The Runecarver class can actually craft Enchanted Tomes (items which are normally only obtained through mob drops) with a ton of runes. The Enchanting mastery uses runes to enchant weapons. The Teleportation mastery uses specific runes to create Teleportation Stones.


Geo-Essence - Geo-Essence is a unique essence of a certain location that can be combined with a specific rune to create Teleportation Stones. Geo-Essence for each specific area is insanely difficult to obtain for multiple reasons (each area has a secret way to obtain it - it is not public knowledge, it can be obtained only once in a while, etc.).


Team & Current Plans




Matthew (Myself) - Developer, Storywriter




Feb-18, 2020
- Created the concept thread for Grand Beasts.




- Recruit interested team members.

- Finish planning out the game by designing the quest line, resource collection, items, and spells.

- Look for assets (Tilesets, Sprites, etc) or find a cheap/free artist (.-.)

- Determine more Plans


I really appreciate you checking out my game concept, and I really hope through feedback and some effort, I can turn this into more than just a concept! I never want this game to be exclusive, so as long as you like what you see, there'll be no need to apply for things like closed access. As soon as I finish what I want to be the initial testing phase, it'll be open to everyone who wants to test the game out.


Please, please, please share your suggestions and feedback. I am someone who heavily relies on the ideas of my community, so it helps to hear the opinions of others. I really want this game to be unique and fun, so help me make it that way!

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Just now, Dashplant said:



Sounds pretty cool and I'll be following this project.


One thing to keep in mind about branching storylines / quests; It's a lot of work. By having 2 Kingdoms, you basically already doubled your workload. 


Good luck!


It's a weird system, haha, it actually does not branch, nor does Kingdom territory have any effect on a player's experience. Kingdoms are mostly for Roleplay and PvP (two things I wanted to include in my game, but didn't want to have a central focus on). They have no play in the Quest line, except that during the main quest, you learn of the opportunity to join a kingdom, and as reward at the end of that certain quest you can join a Kingdom. Players will enter opposite territory all the time. The only gameplay advantage for kingdoms is quick travel between owned Territory and access to general features such as banking.


I really appreciate the concern, though! Haha, you scared me for a second, I was like, whaaaa? I wouldn't give myself a task I could not finish to the quality I wanted it in. I just love the idea of Government Roleplay within an online game, and wanted to have a small, but impactful experience on mine.


Can't wait to share more on the Kingdoms as well, very basic idea, but I have so much in this brain of mine haha! Plus, I wanna see what others think! Things can always change.

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17 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

Interesting concept. I look forward to seeing some ingame screenshots.

I am hopeful for them too, I just am one of those people who if I start going in without my plans completed, I will never actually finish something.

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