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Graphics Show Off - HypnoLotus


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I made this earlier today, animated it when i got home, first time using after effects. Made the design in photoshop, split it up, and animated

On some browsers, you can right click the video and increase the speed by x2, I highly recommend lol


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5 hours ago, The Bunny Gamer said:

Uhh is this an optical illusion? 😵

Hypnotic, it's meant to catch attention and hold focus. mesmerizing, isn't it?


Fr thought watch it while listening to one of these songs:




I'm working on a really big art project and I'm learning to work with aesthetics and audio. I'm actually going to take this and code a visualizer with it so the flower pulses to music being played and spin at different rates.

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13 minutes ago, Xeno said:

I see Jesus when I look at these

Yo, tell him I said "sah".


1 minute ago, Gibier said:


Then, maybe you should do like crest and stop doing drugs :P

@Gibier To be fair, I adapted this art style from the drugs.

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