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Closed Beta Project Build - The ultimate Building Game


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Project Build is a 3D SandBox building game, but wait! Its not your usual ‘punch-a-tree, craft-a-house sort of game!

If you want a house, you have to do all the hard work yourself, Nothing is premade for you.

Want a wall? Well, go cut down a tree, move the log, measure the planks, cut the planks, move the planks, align them, then nail them in, boom you placed what... 3-4 planks?

Gonna need to go chop down another tree. While the game is still in development, the game is fully playable, as well as having a complete Multiplayer mode.

We are also looking for Testers for the game and Staff for the Discord!







Heres some short Clips:

Built with Unity

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Whats cool though is you can build almost anything, and unlike most building games.. i mean Anything. from a plane to a submarine, from a stopwatch to a mechanical computer its all possible. You manually measure and cut everything so you can make Any size/shape you want. Nothing is premade :D

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