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Possibility Of Multiple skills?



Hello again!

I Just a have a quick question about the possibility of multiple skills being leveled in game via Resource, Crafting an item, Completing a quest Ect. I am planning on having a mass array of skills that span from the ability to summon pets for tasks, to optional weapon efficiency (Sword users gain a bonus when using swords when the stat is at a certain level)


To be fair i have tried messing with Variables and commen events to see if it would work but the only thing i can think of to use is an event but i am not sure if that would work either. I figure i did something wrong or missed a step somewhere when trying this before asking. 


So if there is anyway you can explain how to do this i would be extremely grateful.


Namaste, ERAOR 

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I don't think summoning pets or changing the damage formula like you want to are things that can be done with events.

They might be, but its not gonna be a good idea to do it this way.


These are things that can be added to the source code, once it is released.

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@eins Thank you, so i see what your saying but, is it possible to use the varibles or something to create skills such as Fishing or Foraging by having the player interacting with the resource tile? 


EX: Player is foraging and can only obtain and collect resources that his/her level in this skill allows.


Gul-Gul berries give 23xp and can be sold for (Insert Currency here) per pick, Blood Oranges give 32xp and can be sold for (Insert Currency here) per pick.

So the player sees that it is more profitable or maybe the item is consumable when cooked and useful for training and bossing.

One Problem...

Player only has a Foraging level of 12 and the Blood Oranges are a Level 15 or 20 item. so they have to find different ways to go about getting these levels.


[You Gained 23 Foraging XP]

[+23xp Gained In Foraging]

[+23 Foraging XP]


This is what i am looking for in a nut shell. the ability to summon pets would be granted through the leveling process and the right requirements were met. This is also the idea i had with the Optional Weapon efficiency skill. (player uses axes more often than Swords then he would hit harder when using that type of weapon.)


I'd like to give my player a Hand Book or something that keeps track of the skills too if that is possible but that is for another question post. 


I hope this make sense to you all. i'm trying my best to describe it.




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