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  1. No, but there's a key that automatically selects the nearest targets.
  2. @jcsnider He made the launcher, let's wait for him.
  3. Try and run it as an administrator.
  4. Go further and open the resources folder, in there open the Config file
  5. Where are you testing it? If you changed the client's IP to your IP you'll probably need a friend to test it for you. Also please make this a little clearer, did you mean that the launcher can't find the updates or that your client can't connect?
  6. This is located in your server's config file. The line you wan't is "MaxCharacters". Just change the "3" to what you'd like
  7. You need to post these in the Suggestions Box 😬
  8. Firstly, thank you for helping and secondly, I tried to update my bug #119 to show as much as I could!
  9. Happens to me also, some variables just won't get off of "True" no matter what
  10. Hey, um, so this happens and I can't click out of it. Basically, the event behind is preventing the further events from running. That "All your party members have signed" text, is UNFINDABLE. I have searched each event, one by one, to find it but it's like it doesn't exist. I remembered I wrote that line in a quest completion and I went and deleted it, but this still shows up like it exists wth, I can't find it anywhere else. I'd fix it if it was there but lol, where the heck. Could this be a bug? I'm almost 100% sure it's deleted but still showing. I restarted everything multiple times. Tysm
  11. My kinda polished Clan System without source!




    Works like a charm!

    1. Zetasis


      What happens if two or more people pick the same guild names? Interesting little guild system for sure but I’m not a fan of how you go about picking the names. Better then nothing I guess though. 

    2. Taliel Studios

      Taliel Studios

      If someone chooses the same name, they still arent part of that same guild and their guild ID is different. You can shout your guild ID to differentiate between same name guilds. But I feel your reasoning (:


      It can always be better.

  12. The steps I'd recommend are in bold below: You need to setup port forwarding through your router OR ask your ISP if it still won't work. Plus, you might have to disable your router's firewall (and your pc's) which is something I can't recommend but had to be done on my older router. This could help with port forwarding.
  13. The answer is: No you can't Though, I found a perfect workaround. If anyone is interested to see, here it is in action https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/50e66709c6aa21630d8cc6b090e97fe1.mp4
  14. I tried and think (still not sure) you can't show more than one image at the same time on the screen? I tried making a dice window and adding dice over that window and whatever, can that work? If not, fudge, why!!! Thanks (:
  15. Like Uyarr said just use an event, even with a very potato pc you shouldn't have any problems with a hundred lights, don't worry about that.
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