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  1. How do i stop this post from sending me thousands of emails everyday?
  2. Apologies, here’s the 6 errors:
  3. I'm trying to build the dev branch and this is aggravating me, I keep getting this over and over:
  4. Fixed it. If anyone has this issue, make sure "NormalSheetAttackFrame" in your server config is 1 frame less than "AttackFrames".
  5. I rly need to fix this. I changed to completely different sprites and a different number of frames. This issue is simply not going away.
  6. it won't show up in the game, what am I doing wrong?
  7. Basically I've downloaded and used a fresh install made a map and just started to get my sprites in but this has been happening. Whenever I move (any sprite I try) and try to attack while moving the sprite disappears for the duration of the attack. If the character simply attacks while he isn't moving the issue does not occur. I have set _attack _weapon _shoot _cast _idle accordingly and everything looks fine on that part. It does not occur with NPC/Mobs even though they use the same sprite size/frames. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/c04f9bf42ba396aa1c5b56c0d82e9ca6.mp4
  8. No, but there's a key that automatically selects the nearest targets.
  9. @jcsnider He made the launcher, let's wait for him.
  10. Try and run it as an administrator.
  11. Go further and open the resources folder, in there open the Config file
  12. Where are you testing it? If you changed the client's IP to your IP you'll probably need a friend to test it for you. Also please make this a little clearer, did you mean that the launcher can't find the updates or that your client can't connect?
  13. This is located in your server's config file. The line you wan't is "MaxCharacters". Just change the "3" to what you'd like
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