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  1. Pretty sure when you despawn npcs with a common event it only despawns the npcs spawned from that event, might have changed though since this worked for me in b5
  2. A wise idea by a wise bunny xD
  3. You would need to edit the registry when installing the game. It's possible... This might help: https://www.askvg.com/guide-how-to-create-registry-script-reg-files-in-windows/
  4. From your Map Grid view, there is a small icon at the top left. Hope this helps!
  5. Couldn't find any paperdolls. I messaged him though. Does anyone else know somewhere I can buy sprites + paperdolls?
  6. Does anyone have PAID OR FREE sprites and paperdolls I can take a look at? Need weapon paperdolls and armour with the entity.
  7. Hmm the only way to create a guild name would be with input, pretty sure. Did you mean create a guild name or choose a guild name? Edit (By Gibby): All we need is strings/input and we would be able to make our own guild systems 😍 @Taliel Studios don't forget that multiposting isn't allowed on the this section of the forum
  8. Event copy pasting makes this kind of stuff easier for sure
  9. I hope gibier helped you out, because like @Zetasissaid, I'm not sure I understand the question anymore
  10. In your map properties, there should be a Name option you can change.
  11. Make a variable that changes between 1 and 10 every few seconds then make an event that start a different quest for each number of that variable. Edit: You also don't need the changing variable as it can be hard on the server. There are other ways to do this. In example an event that chooses a random number when ran. Certain number starts certain quest...
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