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I have spritesheets which is 3x3 of every characters/monsters. 

3 from front view,

3 from left view,

3 from right view,

3 from behind view.


The animation looks kinda bugged. It loops first and half second and half third and again half first.

I believe it is because of the normal spritesheets is 4x4.

Is there a way to change Intersect to use 3x3 instead of 4x4? Or do I have to edit the files to make them 4x4?

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Okay.. so I uploaded a new version of my graphics splitter.  Grab it here:



Set the column count to 4 and the number of rows as 2. You will then get 3 frame character sets like this:




Then you will need to use Chronos' tool here to convert those from 3 frame to 4 frame sprites:



Follow the directions his app provides and you will end up with sprites that are safe to use in Intersect like these:



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3 hours ago, Worldofjimmy said:

Are you aware of any program that can split a set of sprites correctly? I tried Tiled and one that jcsnider uploaded. Both either cut to early or to late.

https://www.piskelapp.com/  To split the sprites up into various frames or tiles or whatever.


https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker to put them back together into sprite sheets.

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On 7/12/2018 at 7:11 AM, jcsnider said:

You’re gonna have to show us the original sprite sheet and how each of the tools mentions (mine and Chronoses) messes up for us to really be able to help you. 


This is the spritesheet I have. (I bought these)



When I tried jcsniders tool with these settings



I got this result



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