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Graphics Feedback on pixel art


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Pixel art is really fun! I've never really made anything from scratch before, only edited tiles now and then. What do you guys think of these? What could i do to improve?

I didn't dare attempt anything except two shields, was going to try some weapons next, we'll see how that goes :) I made them with using looseleaf's body sprite (32x48)




Added some more:




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1 hour ago, Meet The Pyro said:

Wow I like them, I'm only a beginning beginner in pixelart so I might think something is nice too easily, but they look great imo, would use :P

Thanks a lot man!


50 minutes ago, Agoraphobic said:

I like the second one, but the first one seems too shiny in that top right corner. Took me a second to realize what it was.

Hehe :D I see what you mean! It looks much better a bit zoomed in :( Thanks!


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I made some new pieces today, while they're a bit mismatched due to colors and such, i just wanted to put them together to see what they would look like on a fully decked out character!


I didn't make these with the intent to work together, just to make them :)


The wand definitely needs some darker shading(it is built with 5 different shades of brown), and the cloth cap could perhaps be a bit more dark blue, or a bit more grey to match the robe. 



Here are the pieces separately:



And here is another, though semi deck:



Armor separately:



Hope someone likes it!


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