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How do you plan your game? Roadmap?


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What's up ma bitches!


So let's get down to it, how do you plan your game? I'm sure many of us go with whats in our heads but what if your working in a team?


Do you a layout plan so to say how your game is going to play out? What do you need? How long it's going to do?  etc

I'm currently making a moc up plan of how my want my MMO to run since MMO's require a lot of planning and even then future planning to keep things running smoothly.

So when it comes to planning your MMO's how do you guys and gals go about it?

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I do free form writing in a notebook, until I get everything finished. Then I start writing it up in a Word Document (maps, characters, dialogue, etc). After everything is done, then I begin working on the game within the engine. Having a well-written game design document is essential.

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To be honest. Me and @Murdoc didn't do a whole lot of planning with Nightmare. We had a core concept and discussed ideas daily and made sure we were on the same page. This may be easier as we were a team of two but we had a base story ( could be summerised in a paragraph) then we created continents on a world map mockup then focused on pure overworld mapping only. We made it up as we went along keeping to the very basic world map concept we had. I think planning is important but aslong as the base plan is there i think the feeling of inspiration on the day is the best way to motivate yourself to work. Basically what I'm trying to say is don't over plan and allow freedom. Make it fun and you will keep working on your project and actually get somthing done which is rare.


Keep your teams small and keep everyone with the same game plan and you will find success. I've also found over the years don't make a game with your close friends if they will not put in the hours or the quality you want from your game (usually the friends IRL, a lot of veterans will know what i'm on about). Find people who have the same ideals as you, I'm lucky enough to have a close friend in @jcsnider for Intersect and @Murdoc in Nightmare as well as fantastic developers. Find the perfect balance, the recruitment board is open and we have a lot of keen developers here :D


TLDR: planning is important but don't over plan and restrict yourself. Have fun and communication with dedicated developers who you enjoy working with and don't "clown about" is 100% the key.

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