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Prefixes and Suffixes ?



Hello :)

So now I've discovered Variables and the Event manager, a lot more of my ideas are appearing to be realistic !
Such as tradeskills via Variables, adding to them via events (hopefully when cutting a tree for example, or crafting)

However the purpose of this thread is to ask with the current system / engine is there anyway of implementing Prefixes and Suffixes?

For example;

I have a "Copper Short Sword".
Now, I can create a lot of varieties of this by making a Copper Short Sword +1, Copper Short Sword +2, Copper Short Sword +3, & so on...
But all the +# is is a Suffix. (A label/tag after the name).

So what I'd essentially like is instead of having say 10 items for +0 to +9.

Is have the ability to have a suffix attach to the item, and modify the stats based on that.
For example; +1 could be 1% to attack, +3 could be 3%, and so on..
Or just a flat +1 to attack, +2, +3 etc...
But also the ability to add to other stats/damage, etc.

Also the ability to say add lifesteal via a prefix or suffix :) "Of the Leech" for example.

But the reason I'd like a kind of prefix / suffix system mainly is because I want both rarity and upgradeable items.

For example;

[Rare] Short Sword [of the Leech] +1
This has 1 prefix, 2 suffixes.

Then I'd like modifiers on the actual prefix/suffixes.
For example Rare could give +5 to all stats.
Leech = Life Steal
+1 could give extra stats on a set number or % basis.

I was undecided whether this should have been in the question or suggestions section...

I thought I'd ask the question first whether it's possible currently?

IF not then can someone move to the suggestions section for me please?
Or let me know and I can post it there :)

Many Thanks,

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