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Intersect Site & Documentation Rework

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xpost https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/Site-Documentation-Rework.html


It's not complete, but I've done some major upgrades to FreeMmorpgMaker.com -- otherwise known as the home of Intersect. I modified our existing layout and theme to be dark, sleek, and have better compatibility across mobile devices. On top of that we now have some blogging capability and I've reworked Intersects documentation.


Okay, okay.. I know you're laughing. Documentation rework? What was there to rework? The answer is that there was never any documentation to begin with.  Well now there is... or, at least a foundation that I'm hoping we can work together to build upon.  Hop on over to our documentation library and take a look at what I've been working on this week.


We really don't have much documentation yet, but that's going to change. I will be filling out various pages over time and I could use some help. If anyone would like to lend a hand and drop some knowledge there is a link at the top right of every page that reads "Suggest an Edit". Click that link and start typing. All changes are sent to us for review so you can't break anything.


I hope you all like how this is all coming together. Feel free to drop comments, suggestions, and constructive critique below.

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Finally a document section! That is really good, also the web theme is very nice.

My english is not very good, but I really would like to try helping writing :)


Good job!

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