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Division Of Life 2D


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This Main post was updated on: 12/07/2015


The name Division Of Life goes back many years, The name has been used as a WIP name for a few projects of mine, whether Eclipse or not. But this is the only game that I have actually put my heart and soul into. We started out been a two man team consisting of me and my brother back when Elysium was the current 2d engine. We created a masterpiece for its time and with Elysium been one of few engines we had hundreds of active players but the engine it self could not cope and crashed several times a day which caused the players to disband and us to loose hope. This is a game that has been in the creation process for the past 4 years, I decided to change engines a few times until I finally settled on a fixed and cut down version of CSBig GrinE. Whilst my daughter was in hospital for the second time, I purchased a "work" laptop and sat stripping the engine to its core and rebuilding it. After the 2 weeks was up I had created something unique and I fell in love with creating games again. The second time in hospital gave me an opportunity to make notes about game play and have a really good think about what features are required and what would make the game stand out from the crowd.

Talent System:


Title System:


Randomized Loot:


Auction System:


Visual AoE System:



Red Vs Blue Team PVP,

Red Vs Blue Capture The Flag,

Mass FFA Battle Field,


Title System,

Talent System,

Custom Quest System,

NPC Vs NPC Battles,

NPC Assist,

NPC Moral (good vs bad),

And alot more!

Story: [wip]

The lands of Seryn were abundant with life, Farmers grew crops to feed families and hunters took enough food home to feed even the largest families. Life on Seryn was bliss, nothing ever went wrong, no natural disasters, and no crime was committed. The people of Seryn thanked the heavens for providing such a beautiful place to exist every last Sunday of the month; throwing parties and dancing until the morning after sunlight. One month a tribe called the Sano’s had noticed its livestock was disappearing and as food stock hit critical levels the chief called the tribes council members to discuss what was going to happen.

They not only had next to no food stored for the winter and the last Sunday was about to come around but the tribe could not thank the heavens like everyone else. The tribe’s chief decided to call on a neighboring tribes help with the matter only to find out the same problem was spread through the lands. Without the Livestock, tribes could not harvest grain quick enough and made collecting and storing water a lot harder. With the grain going moldy and fresh water streams turning into icy roads the tribes banded together in the Temple of Heavens and asked the heavens what they could do. All of a sudden a small boy runs into the holy building in blood stained, torn clothes. He shouted at the top of his voice "Mowa†and with that he ran he kept on running. The tribes all returned to their respective lands and tales began to spread like wild fire. The heavens did not respond to anything or anyone until the Temple of Heavens was ransacked in the night.

The heavens were furious and vowed to destroy whoever shall be at fault. Corruption, starvation and death swept across the land causing most tribes to be wiped out and those remaining to help each other and join forces. On the last Sunday on the month the remaining settlements did thank the gods and gave whatever they could to the heavens and as grain was poured in piles the Seren's chief Taarp noticed something moving in the trees. He ordered his highest ranked soldiers to check it out. For it only to be the Mowa.

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Random prefixes and random suffix, So in the item editor you put, Example, Steel Sword and give it stats and tick the Random check box. Then to drop the server can randomly give it a prefix like Broken, Unrare, Epic etc which  determines how good the stat boosts will be and a suffix like Of Mage, Of Speed, Of Damage, Of Archer etc that awards the item the stat based on the suffix, like of Mage will add INT to the item, the rarer the prefix the stronger/more stat will be awarded.

There are currently 10 suffixes and 5 prefixes (including Broken)

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Haha glad to be of some help :P


Redone the entire targeting system [Thank Lex for helping :D]. If a player joins a map all players and npcs targets on that map are sent to all players. This means your client knows what npc has who targeted and which npc that Wizard has his target on. Means I can do some cool stuff like this:



Party members are now rendered down the left hand side of the screen so you can keep track of party member's Health and Mana without having to keep the party window open.


You can now click each party member on the left to target them. You can also click your targets target to target them your self. Will make raiding and pvp more fun!


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This project looks really interesting, How many people do you have on your team and how long have you been working on your project? I assume this engine was written in VB6 however I'd love to see you transition this to .NET since you and/or your team have the ability to make some really cool features in a more modern and supported language.

All the best, I hope to see more updates soon.

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Thanks Suusanoo!,

You are correct, this is a VB6 game. There is just me working on this project no one else :). I have a unity Division Of Life but put the project on dol ( (domain borked). I have used the name Division Of Life for many years for all my vb6 games. Started with Elysium Diamond and still use the name today. This game has been going since 2013 and then moved engine from EO to CS : DE and stuck with it ever since.

Hopefully when the time is right, I can make the transition to a better language in the future :)

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Some huge changes to the way the server handles the data for players and npcs. Before last night the server only shared information on the character you are playing, Now the server share details with all other players on the map to allow HP and MP to be pulled up when needed. I am hoping this will open many doors into spells and other features that will allow spells to reach to other players like Chain Lightening or Totem healing etc. I am currently looking at having items boost the following Skills:






Currently the prefix/suffix just boost normal stats and would like to have items boost Skills too so not everything is junk/fodder.

These new skills will be rolling out soon and the ingame world has finally started to be made! You start off on the edge of the land after being transported by boat. You will get your first quest on this map and it will take you deeper into the lands. If anyone if intrested in being apart of DOL and would like to help create the game world and have a Helper title and Cape then feel free to PM me. I am looking for a general ingame manager who can put together a external plan for how the world should be laid out etc. Big job to take on but your efforts will be rewarded Smile

Thanks Lex for more of his fabulous work!

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Thanks @Xenogene!, The GUI itself is changeable, and you can itself throw your own GUI in there! It's not just a bunch of GUI images are rendered, its actually a 36x36 images being rendered, below is here are some of the designs:


7b0ff9946a.png  (the one in most of the screenshots)





Added an item that allows a Guild Leader to change the random icon that is awarded to the guild on creation.

Fixed items been removed from your character on use if the equipment slot is already in use. It would equip the new item, but removed the item old, say weapon, from your character and it would be removed from the game.

New skills have been added,









Every time the skill is used, You gain X amount of experience. All Skills are displayed on the character screen in game. Stat points and skills are under the "Skills" part that's been added to the Character screen.


Needs adjusting slightly, but this is the main layout

Fixed an error with the password checking, Before the passwords didn't have to match on registering for the game.

HDD serial banning has been updated. It collects all hard drive serials and adds them to the account's data. On ban the IP and all HDD serials are added to the ban list and are blocked from connecting.

The mouse input for the main menu and new accounts has been adjusted. You can click anywhere in the input boxes to select it without a problem now.

The mouse input for switching between Skills, or Equipment has been adjusted. You can now click correctly to switch the information shown.

Clicking anywhere on the main game screen will pick items up from beneath the character.

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Hi Suusanoo,

This sounds bad, But it's like the woodcutting in EO. You set a image/resource type/tool needed/level needed and when a player meets the requirements it damages any health set and when its health reaches 0, you gain X item(s) (% chance optional). Pretty basic but just wanted to expand on my woodcutting etc.

Hope this helps


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For now all the systems work the same way, your character attacks/uses a resource whether it be a tree, rock or anvil and you are using the skill. I am hoping to improve the craft system and have that award experience rather than a "clone" of the woodcutting. Its just base systems for now and expandable when I put better stuff in. Once a better system is in place i can remove it from Resources and put the experience gained into the newer systems.

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Thanks Henrik!

Looking forward to ARK aswell  8). Slow updates recently as working on someone elses project for a little bit plus starting to get back into my Unity project :D

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Thanks Murdoc,

I've been following AO for a while didn't want to post on the thread without someone else posting haha. Get it added to AO! It's really not hard to add :D

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Interestingly enough, we will have skill trees too. I got a list of ideas we went over a few months back, that I need to take a look at again but that came up. *Goes and organizes a pile of digital papers*  8)

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How did I forget  :o!

Gone to my Unity project full time. project details below!


More elaborate Error messages at character creation,

Health needing to be <0 to die has been fixed, You now die at 0 Health,

An actual Sun/Moon model has been added to the game! There is not longer a "Night time has fallen" message or "The sun rises" its a 60 min day/night cycle with real shadows and a real sun/moon with their own phases. With it being an ISO game you will rarely see the actual sun/moon, but the light they produce is 100% better than my own system,

Starting with -1 xp and the exp bar says '100% exp' on fresh character or after relogging into the game,

Changed 'Army button' To 'Spell book' in the tutorial,

'Guard' has been changed to 'Defense',

You now gain a level doing the Tutorial takes you from 'Level 0' to 'Level 1' once you complete the tutorial,

Fixed the patch notes on Launcher not aligning with the background image.

Known Bug(s):

Tool Tip on player shows wrong class/title,

Wrong Hover over Class/Title.

Gone live! Launcher downloads new version!

Download the installer from the wqw.divisionoflife.com

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rvzQdaAzDDnh3G9jK54cg

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